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Guestbook Entries - 2009

John Kinzinger
Vietnam Veterans of America
Washtenaw County Chapter 310

The Saline Fiddlers did a great job with us at our 2009 VA Medical Center Christmas program. We enjoyed hearing their performing in the halls for the hospitalized Veterans.

This was about the seventh year you have joined us for this event and we are very proud to have you join us each year. The music and the smiles of the young performers is great medicine for the patients. We hope you had a fun time with us putting smiles on the hospitalized Veterans. You are good medicine for the patients.

Thank you again and we wish you all a most wonderful 2010. We hope you will join us again next year for our next Christmas program.

John Kinzinger

Maureen Pawlak
Activities Director
University Living Residence
Ann Arbor, MI

I can't express just how much we all loved having you play at University Living for our Holiday Party. Everyone, & I mean everyone loved it - & that is a first (in my time at U.L.) Such professionalism all around - from beginning to end - with everyone. So impressive and so much fun! So... THANK YOU, ALL so much. Pictures will be coming...

I hope that you can return sometime to U.L., perhaps next holiday time in 2010 :) - we couldn't top having you here!

Maureen Pawlak

Dana Roussin

You all came to University Living for our annual Christmas party where I do Activities.You made our party the best one yet! We have no idea how we will top it for next year. The residents talked about you for days and will always remember you and your incredible talented group. We hope to have you back some day in the near future. Thank-you and keep up the wonderful work!

Judy Custer
Coldwater, MI

I so enjoyed your performance at the Tibbits, Friday. What a wonderful show and it's evident you have a great group of musicians.

Margaret Michael
Montgomery, MI

My grandson and I saw your show at Tibbits Friday night. It was the first time to see such a wonderful show. The young ladies and gentlemen were great and so talented. Please let them know how much we enjoyed them. Thanks for an enjoyable evening!

Betty Ward
Coldwater, Michigan

We watched your show last night and that is a great bunch of very talented young people. We really enjoyed watching them.

Rick Furney
Coldwater, MI

You are an amazing group of young adults with a tremendous talent. Excellent concert at Tibbits.

Carol Peters

Last night we saw your concert at St. Joseph Church in Ida, Michigan. There were five of us there ranging in age from 84 to 37 and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. We especially liked the singing of Blue Moon Over Kentucky but everyone did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Kathleen Butler

I attended the concert at Ida tonight and it was awsome. You have a tremendous group of Fiddlers and they put on a great concert!! It is so nice to see young folks doing great things today, not enough is heard about them. Hope to see you in Monroe at the MCCC.

C. Gorr

Just got home from your concert in Ida. Wow what a show. We are soooo impressed. Loved it. You all should be very proud.

Delores Wurst
Saline, MI

I just wanted to let you know how much we loved your recent hometown concert. We have been attending for many years and that one has to be a favorite. Thanks.

Chris Theodoroff
Washington, MI
Linda Gifford (Weidmayer)

My family and I had the pleasure of hearing you perform today at the Romeo Library. It was awesome! I was so proud! I graduated from Saline in 1994 and while I played the cello in the orchestra, I did not play in the Fiddlers.

The Granite Bay Petes
Granite Bay, CA

Took in your November 7th Hometown Concert...what a hoot 'n' a holler!...a great time we had, (first time we've seen you,) hoping you let us know when you'd be coming out to California--we'll want to come see you again!...We were in Hillsdale, MI checking out the College and saw the concert advertised nearby, and SO glad we did!...my son and daughter play viola and violin, respectively AND respectably, and we all had a great time at your show...Thank you!

Barbara Pesta
Ypsilanti, Michigan

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show that I attended on 11/7/09. The only thing I would have liked to have heard was a classical piece. Everyone was absolutely fabulous.

Terry Woodard
Paulding, Ohio

Hi Mark,

Thank you for getting my wife and me a room for last Saturday night. That would have been a long drive home.

We arrived a little early to check in, so the young lady at the desk asked if we have seen the mall. She got out a map and showed me which streets to turn on. I have never seen such a large mall. We were making real good time until my wife spotted The Pottery Barn.

The kids put on another great show. They sound so much better on stage. Your son did an excellent job. I remember hearing his solos from two years ago at the Flat Rock Festival. I wish him all the best with his studies in music.

Thanks again for a great weekend.

Terry Woodard Paulding, Ohio

Brian Orr
Carmel, Indiana

I was lucky enough to have been passing by Main Street during your street performance in Ann Arbor. I grabbed one of your fliers because I was impressed from the little snippet I got to hear while watching the Notre Dame game through the window of a restaurant. It was the best $40 dollars I have spent since being here in Ann Arbor--you guys are better than groceries.

I am a medical student at U of M and have little time outside of school to relax. With all I have inside of me, I want to say that you guys were the most impressive musical act I have seen in my life. I have been to many concerts of all genres, but your concert was the most entertaining and jaw-dropping I have seen to date. To see a big group of young individuals with such great talents warms my heart and inspires me and others to continue doing what we're passionate about. I can honestly say you all are the most talented young group of musicians that I know of. Keep up the incredible work and creating music for all of us to enjoy.

I also want to encourage all of you to keep working hard in school and all of your extracurriculars. You all were so incredibly well-rounded and gifted--this world needs young adults like all of you to continue to inspire the youngest generation. Absolutely incredible. I can't wait to see another concert.

Ellen Near

Wonderful concert tonight (11/09)! I especially enjoyed the young man who had a number of solos. He was great.

Marjorie O'Connell

Good Luck to all the fiddlers! Keep up the GREAT work and music you provide for us!

Jacob Visser
Leiden, Netherlands

While visiting the fair in Paulding (OH), September 20 last, I had my first encounter with the Saline Fiddlers and was swept off my feet from the first moment! It was overwhelming and I did not leave until they stopped playing! I'm glad to see that the fiddlers aren't afraid of going to Europe and sure hope to see them all in Holland!

Kelly Klinger
Ney, OH

I was glad to see you at the Flat Rock Creek Festival, in Paulding, again this year!! After enjoying your music and happy faces last year, I started taking violin lessons. I have always loved the sound and wanted to play for myself. It takes alot of work but seeing you again this year has boosted me to try harder! You are a fine group of young men and women!! Thank you for sharing your music!!

Jacob Payne

I was absolutely blown away by your performance! As one who took piano lessons for four years, I can only imagine the amount of dedication and time that it must have taken for each of you to reach the level of skill that I saw at the Richmond Good Old Days. I also loved how expressive many of you were while playing. It made the performance fun to the ear and to the eye. Thank you for bringing to today's public a genre of music too little appreciated. I hope that your group will continue to entertain listeners for years to come. Thank you for your performance, and I am definitely buying a CD.

Sherri Campbell
Lockport, IL

I have to tell you, we just happened to take a drive to Michigan City today and wow, you all were amazing....we only caught the last 2 songs unfortunately, but in any event, you all are really terrific!! We really enjoyed it.
Sherri from Lockport IL

Rob Putt
Dundee, MI
Splash Universe Water Park Resort

I just want to mention that the Saline Fiddlers are always welcome at Splash Universe. You have one of the nicest and most polite groups we have ever had stay with us. You and the kids should be proud of yourselves. This is not just from me, many of our staff made similar comments. I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Rob Putt
Director of Sales

Bill Dobbins

Thanks for a great concert this evening. Great young people that are dedicated to excellence!! Keep up the great work and return to Albion real soon. Also consider Albion College as a great place to expand your talents in years to come.

David Anderson

Thanks for the concert tonight (8-16-2009)!

Did I hear a couple bits of Led Zeppelin in Orange Blossom Special?

Aubrey Martinus

Hey Fiddlers!
I just visited the website for the first time in months and saw that recent graduate Jacob V. is attending Ball State in my home state! Tell him to come visit me! I miss you guys, even though I would've already graduated, but still, Indiana's just not the same as good 'ol Saline and those awesome fiddlers! Love to you all!

kathie wood
San Francisco, California

Saw you in Ann Arbor on August 10, 2009. We were amazed. You are fabulous, fabulous!!!
Best wishes from your new fans,
Kathie Wood and Mel Retzer

Doug Travis
Lincoln, Mi.
Alcona County Fair

You guys need to get back on the county Fair circuit, we miss you. We need a county fair tour.

Ingrid Daschner

Dear Fiddlers,

Thank you so much for a fantastic concert in Lindenberg. It was for me the first time, that I can see you live. My friends and I enjoyed every minute of your performance.

All the best from Lindenberg/Germany


Edna Bignell
Opaskwayak, Manitoba

I love the way the girls jig to Big John McNeil .............Too Good

Ray Baker
Ann Arbor

Awesome Saline show last night! Enjoyed every minute.

Teresa Chludzinski
White Lake, MI

I really enjoyed your concert in Plymouth this week. Louie R. rocks!!!!

Steve Sedore

Caught your performance at the Music in the Park concert series today -- amazing! The best show my son and I have seen in the series.


I was on vacation with my family in Gaylord MI this past weekend and we were fortunate enough to see you guys perform at the AlpineFest! Your group is absolutely amazing! I loved every second of the performance! I love how upbeat you were! You were extraordinary!!! I will definitely keep an eye out for the next closest show near here!

Take care!!

George Crisman
Traverse City MI

We had seen the fiddlers four times in the past few years and we brought our neighbors to Gaylord last night to see them and what a thrill it was for my wife and the nieghbors who had never seen them thought they were great..SOOOOOO we cant't wait for next year to see them again (hope they come to Traverse City some day) we also can't believe the talent that group has for such young people.

Mary Tesho
Gaylord, Mich

I attended your show tonight at the "Gaylord Alpine Fest". I enjoyed every minute of your show. Your group is totally awesome & the best entertainment. Very professional.

Marlies and Michael Weigel

Dear fiddlers,
We spent a wonderful week with you, in Lindenberg and Lindau, at your performances and other meetings. We were very happy to host a member of your band. We won't forget you. And we hope you'll come back.

Ed & Kay Daniel

We just wanted to say thank you for a very nice performance. Truly entertaining and fun.
YOU GUYS ROCK ! from two new fans in FLUSHING

Nick Ellavich
Flushing, Michigan

I just wanted to let you all know I just got home from your concert at the Flushing Concert in the Park and when I heard the gentleman say for us to sign your guestbook on the computer, I said to myself that is the first thing on my agenda to do because that concert was one of the best I have seen in years in Flushing (excluding Irish night). Anyways great job this evening on that concert you did in Flushing this evening and hopefully we will see you guys and girls back in Flushing in the near future.

Carolyn Avery
Howell, MI

Dear Fiddlers,

Thank you for the EXCELLENT concert you presented on the lawn of the Howell Courthouse last Friday night. I am a "violinist" and have always wished I could be a "fiddler" too. However, I am past the age of attempting that. I have played in orchestras for over 50 yrs. and am still playing when we are in Florida during the winter months. I think you should contact someone from The Lawrence Welk or Shoji Tabuki theaters in Branson, MO to see if they would feature you in one of their shows. There are many theaters there, so if you do try don't give up after just those two. Perhaps there is a theater in Nashville that would feature all you very talented young people. I will look forward to the next time I get a chance to hear you play. I wish you the very best.

Jim Cleer
Howell, MI
Clear Choice Benefits

My family just saw you in Howell. This group is fantastic. We still can not believe this is a high school group. You should be on the TV show America's Got Talent.

Jim Kielczewski

We saw your concert in Howell and we gave it an F grade. It was Fabulous, Fantastic and Fun. Great job.

Sandy Allen

Just returned from your concert at the Jackson Cascades Bandshell, and it was wonderful. I was very impressed with the talent, energy and showmanship from the whole group. I wish all of you the best in your future careers.

John Callaghan

You all! were awesome today in Jackson, I totally enjoyed the program, here in Jackson, Mi. Keep up the Great! work, I hope you all enjoyed the Ice Cream...
John Callaghan
Jackson, Michigan

Reinhard Sieber

Dear Saline Fiddlers,

Thank you for your perfomances in Wangen, Lindau, Hochgrat (Top of the mountain) and Lindenberg. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the concerts. How wonderfully talented you all are, and such a kind group of students. The performance at Stadtplatz Lindenberg was top notch, energetic and outstanding.

We wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

Best greetings from Lindenberg (Germany)
Reinhard Sieber & friends

Berlin, Germany

Wow. Listened and highly enjoyed your two concerts in Rudolstadt. You were amazing. Not only your excellent musical and dancing skills and your fun and energetic performance but also your modest and friendly behavior. It was a privilege and pleasure to have you here in Germany. You are ambassadors of the best. Hopefully you will return to Germany soon. Thanks again and all the best to you!

Laubegast (Dresden)
Ukulele Orchester Laubegast

I enjoyed your show in Rudolstadt, Germany, at TFF. Walking around I stopped at your stage... and then I could not go on my scheduled tour anymore. The Fiddlers were my personal highlight of the festival in Rudolstadt.

Thank you so much for your exciting music.

Howell, MI

Just enjoyed your concert in downtown Howell.... I just wish it was a bit longer, I really really enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing you play again.

Vanessa and Nicole
Lindenberg (Germany)

Hey everybody
We saw your concert twice and it was so amazing.
You really have to come back to Lindenberg!
Nice greetings to Jacob (Cello) and Michael (Violin)
Vanessa (the girl who got 10 euros)
and Nicole (the girl who gave her the 10 euros)

Frank "Papa" Visovatti
Ann Arbor

Welcome back from Germany to the Saline Fiddlers, especially my grandson Jacob. The trip must have been awesome as I read in the blog posts. Looking forward to the photos from the tour.


Hi everybody,
I was at your concert in Lindenberg (your Partner school =))
It was fantastic! I like your music!
Thanks for playing for us!!!

Alexander Dornach
Simmerberg (near Lindenberg)

Hello Fiddlers,

I'd like to say thanks to you! I've heard nearly every concert in Lindenberg, and it was great! I really like this music. I'm happy that I could be with you the last week, and that I could host someone of the Fiddlers! I hope I can come to Saline one day and listen to your music and meet you again, that would be great.

Greetings to all members of the Fiddlers!



Your performance in Lindenberg on July 3rd was absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed your lively playing, your cheerfulness. You brought a great atmosphere into our little town. We've never seen a band playing so enthusiastically. It was a joy for our ears, our eyes and our hearts. Please come back again!


You were soo great, i really enjoyed it and i hope to see you again : )

Lindenberg, Germany

It was really fantastic watching you and I enjoyed your concert at our school !!

I hope you had a great time in germany !!

ihr seid super !

Seelhorst Hubertus
Mannheim / Germany

It was a great concert in Lindau / Germany. Thank you for your music!

Dan Shea

hey fiddlers! hope all is well in germany! make sure to have a great time.. it's been a while since we've represented over-seas!

Patricia Hall

We sat up front for your AWSOME PERFORMANCE in Bay City MI. I have no idea what was wrong with that crowd for not getting up and dancing. We were the pink and yellow hat ladies that really wanted to dance to the great show.

I hope some day you perform at BlissFest. We will stomp on then.

Enjoy germany and just soak it all in. You all are wonderful artists.

Wangen im Allgäu, Germany

Your concert tonight was great!!! You brought so much energy, but most of all great skills, and really lovely music to this old little town in Germany...

Have a very pleasant stay in Europe!!!

Alexandra Scherer
Wangen im Allgäu Germany

Thank you so much, it was such a pleasure watching and listening to your performance. It certainly is a pleasure seeing young people enjoying their work, and taking pride in what they are doing.

I wish there were more like it...

Richard Webster
Lake Orion, MI

You are a wonderful group of wonderful young people. This evening you are airborne for Lindenberg Germany. We wish you all the best of travel, safety, experiences, new friendships and enrichment in your own lives.

Surely you will be adding a new cultural experience for the people of Lindenberg and surrounding area through your music -- the best of all international languages.

God bless you all!

Joyce McKimmy
Stockbridge, Michigan

Hi really enjoyed your concert today ( 6 11 09 ) at U of M, was there for a another CT, my son and I were leaving and heard the music, had to check it out and loved it, thanks for being who you are and what you represent...God Bless you, Joyce

Edward Papelian and Edwina (Papelian) Michalski
Novi, MI

They were great at Fox Run. Just excellent!

Mary Millar
Howell, MI

Thanks, it was great!

Mrs. Jean Peters
Novi, MI

Dear Fiddlers,

Your program last evening was most entertaining, energizing and a real delight. Hope your trip to Lindenburg Germany as Goodwill Ambassadors of the U.S. will be exciting.

Judy York
Farmington Hills

I attended the very wonderful concert last night at Fox Run in Novi. My mother is a resident there and I loved watching and hearing not only the great talent and music by the Saline Fiddlers, but I loved seeing the excitement and happiness in the audience of our older generation. Thank you for a great evening of music and energy and fun.

Mary Lee and George Smith
Novi, MI

We enjoyed your high-energy concert at Fox Run last night. We hope that you will soon offer a DVD of a concert so that we can share the visual as well as audio experience with our family. The choreography adds to the enjoyment.

Mary Lee and George Smith

Lindenberg (Germany)


I just wanted you to know that I'm very excited that you are going to visit us soon in Lindenberg!

I'm playing saxophone in the Gymnasium Lindenberg Bigband and our conductor informed us that you are going to stay at our places.

I have just listened to some of your songs and I think they are awesome!

See you soon,

Fred Nista

Your February 21 performance at Ferris State University was foot stomping/hand clapping great. My three favorite all time musical events are Mama Mia, Jersey Boys and you, the Saline Fiddlers

Kim Pyles
Big Rapids

I so enjoyed your performance last nite. It is truly inspiring when our children show us what they can do at this age. I smiled from the first note to the last. Thanks so much.

dan bruell
ann arbor

saw the winter concert and was very impressed. was wondering if the video from that night will be posted on this site or wherever.

the saline fiddlers program is a wonderful opportunity for your students and the community - keep up the fantastic work !!

Brigid Kowalczyk
Ann Arbor, MI

Enjoyed the concert! I live so close and had not heard the Saline Fiddlers before. I am a Daisy May groupie and that's why I went down. She's great! I loved the last piece that they all did together! Very worthwhile making the trip to hear everyone. Thanks.

Erin Hansen

Hey guys,

I'm ill and can't make the show tonight, but I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and know you'll put on an amazing show, as always.

Have fun!
Ms. Hansen

Ann K.
Lawton Michigan

My family and I saw you in Kalamazoo on New Year's Eve. All I can say is WOW. You are amazing and your show was wonderful. Keep performing!!

Pam Posada
Selah, WA

About 5-6 years ago I had the pleasure of attending one of your concerts in the tiny town of Sheldon, Vermont. I am from Vermont and attended the church the concert was held in many times with my grandparents. The concert I attended was absolutely wonderful. The energy and the talent these young people had was outstanding. It made me want to stand up and YELL!! So powerful. I purchased two of your CD's and play them often...I would like to know if you ever get a chance to come to Washington State as I will surely attend.

Thank you and give my compliments to the Fiddlers!!