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Guestbook Entries - 2010

John Kinzinger
Vietnam Veterans of America
Washtenaw County Chapter 310

Dear Saline Fiddlers,

You all did it again. You were super. You sounded great and brought great smiles to the hospitalized veterans.

You are always a hit. We hope your schedule allows you to join us again next year.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and school year.

John Kinzinger

Kelly Adams

The Residents of Brecon Village and Millpond Manor would like to thank you for the amazing performance on Dec 4th at Brecon Village! We are still talking about it. Thank you all!

Kelly Adams, and your fans at Brecon Village and Millpond Manor.

Suzanne Hawker

Saw your performance at Lutheran Home of Monroe on 12/3/10. It was amazing - my Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My feet couldn't stop tapping. Got the chance to talk to 3 of your fiddlers - but wished to talk to all of them and shake their hands. I know how hard it is to play a string instrument and to be that proficient at such a young age. Thank you - you made my day!

Pat Barnes
Ridgeland, MS

I came and heard you play in your hometown recently. Your group is simply amazing. And WOW, are those "Bonds girls" awesome. OK, I may be a bit biased.... I came with their Uncle Larry. The concert was great and it's good to see young people using their God-given talent in such a great way. Hearing the "Mountain Heart" group was special as well. I wish you much continued success.

Brian Smith
Marietta, GA

I wanted to thank you all again on behalf of the entire Mountain Heart team for what was a very enjoyable and memorable experience. Your group is top shelf and we were honored to appear. Please tell everyone else involved "thanks" from us as well!

We had a blast, your entire organization is fabulous and very professional. I wish everyone we dealt with was as organized and enjoyable to work with. Can't wait to return!

Thanks again for inviting us and treating us with such graciousness. Please remember us for future events.


Brian Smith
Leadership Artists, LLC

Judith Starks
Ann Arbor, MI

Thanks for the great concert last night. Special thanks for bringing Mountain Heart. I really enjoyed the fiddlers' Hard Times Come Again No More. You have an excellent drummer. I would love to hear more drum on Hard Times. It's a war song - how about some marching snare on the song?

Jeanette Verhoff
Continental, OH

We saw your performance in Paulding at the Flat Rock Creek festival. Your music is sooooo much fun! The performance was so professional, you are all fabulous musicians! We loved every piece you played, and you sing and dance too!!

We bought a CD and we are enjoying that too! Keep playing!

Tim Carmichael
Independence, OH

Hey Fiddlers, Tim and Janet here. We were at Paulding again. As I told some of the members we came on Friday, a 3hr trip, just to see you guys on Sunday. As always well worth the wait. Brad, it was nice talking to you, I will call you Mr. Solo. Great job by all. See you on 10-30.

Verl Dasher
Paulding, OH

I enjoyed your shows at the Flatrock Festival in Paulding. You are very talented and good entertainers. I like the smiles and energy. I am looking forward to playing your new CD today.

Thank You,

David Volk
Grover Hill, OH

Enjoyed the show Sunday at Flat Rock festival in Paulding. The group's performance was very entertaining. They are a class act both on and off of the stage. Keep up the good work.

Charles Rever
South Lyon, MI

I saw the Saline Fiddlers in South Lyon 3 weeks ago and really enjoyed the show. Nobody from the South Lyon Herald covered the show. So, I wrote a couple of paragraphs praising the show and group and it appeared in yesterday's paper.

Best wishes.
Charles Rever

Nancy Coumoundouros
Farmington Hills, MI

Hello Fiddlers,

I can't begin to tell you how much our audiences enjoyed your concert at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills. I knew of your enormous talent and professionalism; it was a total joy to be able to bring you to Farmington Hills, and see the new-found appreciation of all our patrons as well. You were amazing--playing for so long, and so well--they absolutely loved you. And kudos to all the parents, volunteers and others who help make it all happen.

Here is a link to the story in the Observer, after the concert, showing the huge crowd.

Wishing the best!

Nancy Coumoundouros
Cultural Arts Supervisor
City of Farmington Hills

Tom and Nancy Doyle
Livingston, Texas

While visiting our children and grandchildren in South Lyon, our daughter suggested going to McHattie park to hear the Saline Fiddlers. What a wonderful experience! We enjoyed every minute of it. What a wonderfully talented group.

Sue West
South Lyon, MI

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the Saline Fiddlers Concert as part of South Lyon's Concert in the Park series. The Saline Fiddlers are so much fun to watch and listen to. Their energy is amazing and contagious. The kids just look as if they are having the time of their lives. It is evident in their faces that they truly love what they do. I look forward to listening to my new CD, Kaleidoscope, as I travel to work. What a great, energetic way to start the day!

I look forward to future events, and will watch your website for opportunities!

Sandy Milis
Livonia, MI

Really enjoyed the concert in South Lyon tonight. It was my husband's first time hearing the group and he said what a worthwhile evening it was. We bought the Kaleidoscope CD and listened to it on the way home. Great music.

Tamara Huse
Odessa, TX

We saw you in San Marcos, Texas and it was amazing! My son bought 3 CD's and hasn't stopped listening! Seeing you in concert has probably given him years worth of inspiration. He's an 8th grader now. (He asked if we could move to Saline! haha)

He wanted me to ask if there is any way to purchase music for the Orange Blossom Special/Sweet Home Alabama mash up off the Kaleidoscope CD. That is his favorite version of OBS.

Thank you,
Tamara Huse

Nancy Coumoundouros
Farmington Hills, MI
City of Farmington Hills

The concert last Thursday, part of our Stars in the Park summer concert series was amazing! The Fiddlers are truly a phenomenal group, and they inspired a crowd of over 1,000 to give a standing ovation (the first in several years for this series) and ask for an encore! You guys are the most professional youth group anyone could imagine...entertainers who offer something for every age group. Here is an article written by our local editor after the concert.

Thanks again for a stellar performance!

Mike Wright
Spanaway, WA

I am originally from Marshall, MI, now residing in Spanaway, WA. My dad turned me on to you. He has talked about what a wonderful band you are. He sent me your latest CD. After listening to it, I must concur! Wonderful music! I will be buying your other CDs. I hope to see you on my next visit to Marshall!

Eileen Holzma
West Bloomfield, MI

I heard you play at this Sunday's WB Library concert. I just retired from a counseling position as a counselor dealing with students from more than 20 high schools in Southeast Oakland County. I was so delighted to see and hear your group. Obviously a great group of kids fiddling like crazy, almost made me want to find a violin and start practicing again. (I quit when I finished jr. High.) But had we been able to play the kinds of music and have so much fun with it who knows? I want to go back to work and have a whole bunch of students just like you making a wonderful sound, really enjoying and sharing your pleasure and making sounds available to people that up until Sunday had not heard them. You are a great team, well trained, fabulous personalities, talented musicians and I would wish to go back to work if I could hope for thirty high schoolers that were as engaged, mature and talented as you all are. My compliments to your music teacher for his work and his commitment and to your parents and adults that support your program. Eileen Holzman

Barbara Gapske
Battle Creek, MI

Saw your show at the Calhoun Co. Fair last night. Wonderful show..... such talent and energy..... very impressive group of young people. Just wish there had been a larger audience there to see the outstanding show.

Connie Bosserd
Marshall, MI

What a wonderful group of talented musicians, I once again so enjoyed your performance, this time at the Calhoun County Fair. You all should be very proud of the commitment that you make to your music and it certainly shows in your program. What gifted individuals you all are, how wonderful God has made each and every one of you! What joy you bring your audience. Thank you again for a most enjoyable evening! Praying you continue to bless others with your smiling faces and pleasant music acheivement. God Bless You All!

Steve Schultz
Saline, MI

What a wondeful performance at St. Joseph Church in Dexter. My wife, Grandson Joseph 5 and Grandaughter Samantha 3 enjoyed every moment of your fine performance. We think you should try out for America's Got Talent, you sure have TALENT.

Chris & Kim Hamlin
Farwell, MI

Wow! What a show you put on in Sault Ste. Marie. We have to admit we haven't been real big fans of violin music in the past but you have changed our opinion! As past band members and band boosters we understand the sacrifices, hard work and dedication it takes to put on a show like that. You are a inspiration to all music students. We only wish the students at our school could have had the experience we did listening to you and seeing how you enjoyed yourselves - it was very evident. We hope we get the chance to hear you again and we'll be sure to let others know of your talent and wonderful performance. Keep the music alive!

Dave and Sharyn Mowrey
Carey, Ohio

We thoroughly enjoyed your performance in Carey. We couldn't get over how much more variety there was to your show this year... an excellent job! Thank you for coming to Carey.

M Miller
Homer, MI

I saw the concert in Homer and was in awe to see such a wonderful group of students play so wonderfully. I am so envious of Saline Michigan now. I wish Homer had a program this amazing for kids to get into. The whole show was just terrific. Thank you for coming to Homer.

s & k
Canton, MI

My friend and I went to your concert on August 7th and we saw Dan and we think he's SO AMAZINGLY HOT! (:
...'hint hint' you high fived me! I'm the girl in the way back :D

RC Smith
Homer, MI

Saw you in Homer, MI today. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Hope you come back again next year. (I'll try and save the storefront space for you again).

Dave and Sharyn Mowrey
Carey, Ohio

We saw you at the Carey Fest last night and truly enjoyed every second of it. You were very professional and I chuckled when the second jump was not as lively as the first. Nor did you seem distracted by the cannon that was being shot. Thanks for great entertainment on a beautiful evening.

Mike and Kathy Anderson
Ball Ground, GA

We're on vacation from Georgia and almost accidentally saw your concert in St. Ignace, MI and were blown away. It was a highlight of our entire week! You were soooo good! We purchased your newest CD and listened to it over and over and could visualize the concert again and again. Amelia, Ian, and Alyssa (cello) were particular favorites but all were incredible. Need to come to Georgia for a tour.

Terry & Bonnie Materna
Onaway, Michigan

We were at the concert last Friday in Rogers City and thought it was a terrific and lively concert. We have been wanting to see the group for some time and it (the concert) was 20 miles away, so we had no excuse not to go. It was a very well organized group of students putting on a fine program.

Thanks again
Terry & Bonnie Materna


Went to your concert in Rogers City. What a GREAT show. Sure wish you could be in the Posen Potato Festival Parade in September. Good Job to all the members!!

Barb Knight

I had the pleasure of listening to you this evening in Rogers City. I thought your performance was great. You displayed a lot of talent. Keep up the good work.

Formerly of Ann Arbor
Barb Knight

Alice Spurgeon
Rogers City, MI

This group was awesome!!! You are the best I have heard!!! Thank you. I am so impressed at the attire of the band especially the girls... you looked very beautiful in your appropriate skirts. Thank you for looking like a lady!!!!! Have a very safe fun trip and thank you again!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!

Jan & Paul Smolinski
Rogers City, MI

Thank you for the wonderful concert in our park on the shores of Lake Huron. Please come again!

David Niller
Rogers City, MI

I am a Saline resident of 31 years and retired to Rogers City 10 years ago and I want to tell you what a great show you put on tonight here at our park. Everyone was talking about what a special music show it was and they enjoyed the variety of music and most of all the performers. The fiddlers are a great representative of Saline. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Berny & Gina Blough
Hastings, MI

If anyone in St Ignace didn't attend last night's show, they missed a great performance. What a show! So much talent and love of music.

Aboard Das Boot in Marina

Elizabeth Clemens
Mackinaw City, MI

AWESOME concert in St. Ignace tonight!! Was well worth the wait! We were part of the Rachel H. fan club this evening. So wish we could attend more concerts on this tour. Thank you to your artistic director. To be able to inspire young adults musically in that way, absolutely incredible!! Your enthusiasm this evening was infectious, the music was fantastic, and the experience was priceless. Thank you =)

Julia Siegman
Milford, CT

Standing O! (we saw them in St. Ignace, MI)
The kids are super representation of USA - Norman Rockwell painting.

Sally Bell
Mackinaw City, MI

Just got home from the St. Ignace show... you guys were unbelievably great! The icing on the cake was the gorgeous rainbow on our way back home going over the bridge, it seemed fitting somehow after such a wonderful performance. Not only was your musicianship impressive but the utter and complete joy in what you were doing transferred to your audience as well. Thank you for a lovely evening... I am really glad my daughter is facebook friends with Rachel H. and she invited us to attend. :)

Marcia Schreiner
Brimley, MI

I enjoyed the concert last evening at the Soo Locks. Such energy! It was toe stomping good. Thanks for the music.

Sue and Tom
Rockford, MI

Your performance at Sault Ste. Marie, MI was an unexpected bonus to our vacation. Your talent, enthusiasm and vibrant energy were amazing. We enjoyed every minute of your tremendous performance.

Jo Ellen Pesola
Brimely, MI

I wanted to let you all know how much we enjoyed your music tonight. I brought my autistic son Ken, and two of my granddaughters, Kora and Reece to your concert. We had a wonderful time. The girls, 5 and 6 loved your group. I think that they enjoyed it even more because the group consisted of teenagers! Great music, quality show. Thank you all.

Pat Wilson
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Super concert tonight kids. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed listening to you tonight! Keep up the great work. You all deserve another standing round of applause!

Mindy Murphy
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Awesome job at the music in the park at the Soo Locks guys and gals. I saw you at the new year's eve event in Cadillac a few years back and you're just as good now as you were then. Keep up the good work everyone.

Mindy, Shawn and Jonathan

Jill Boydston
Dexter, MI

We enjoyed the performance at St. Joseph Church in Dexter. Keep up the good work.

Kathy Sory
Saline, MI

Saw your concert in Hudsonville, MI last night and it was AWSOME!!! I was born and raised in Saline but have lived in the Grand Rapids area since I graduated 30 years ago. I was so proud to tell all my friends you were from my home town. They were all very impressed with all the talent you have. Keep up the good work!!

Sue Schwandt
Grand Rapids, MI

We caught your show last night at Hudsonville MI. It was fabulous!!! I can't say enough good things about it. I love the spirit, enthusiasm, talent and energy of your group.

Ginger Jones and Family
The Hills, TX

Your show at the Oasis was outstanding. Hope you'll come back soon.

Pigeon, MI

Attended your performance last night and again all I can say is "WOW". The enthusiasm you put into your performance and the smiles on your faces show how much you enjoy what you do.

As I said to one of your crew, "It is enjoyable to watch all of you having fun." We have repeatedly enjoyed having you all in Pigeon and look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

You do your generatiion proud!

Maggy & Eric Thompson
Bad Axe, MI

Thank you so much for your wonderful concert last night in Pigeon. What a talented group of people! We enjoyed your show so very much! And how nice to hear a little Jean-Luc Ponty included in the "Orange Blossom Special"!

Thank you again. Look forward to next year's performance!!

Carol Potter
Lapeer, MI

My husband and I loved your show. It was the first time we have seen the Fiddlers. Loved the clogging too as I am a clogger. Would definitely go see you again. Your parents must be so proud of you.

Jill Castle
Bad Axe, MI

Vibrant! Exciting! Fun! You are all such talented musicians! I enjoyed every minute of the show. Keep up the excellent work!

James Meissner
Minden City, MI

One could travel the world and not find any music close to the quality you produce! Words cannot express the praise you deserve for such a production. I attended your show in Pigeon, MI this evening. Jim Meissner

Bernie & Beth Bishop
Mayville, MI

"WOW" Wonderful concert at Pigeon, MI on July 8. Congratulations on all your success.

Pigeon, MI

Your show was fantastic at the Laker Auditorium! I really enjoyed the tribute to Michael Jackson!

Steve Perry

Saw you at the Arneson River Theater in San Antonio and loved every minute of it. From the first note to the last it was good to see a group of kids enjoying making music and dancing. Congratulations we had a ball and you all were great.

Clark Wilson
San Antonio, Texas

We were highly impressed by your recent performances in San Antonio. I was hoping to learn that The Fiddlers had a DVD available for sale. The group is so professional in performance I believe that many would appreciate obtaining a DVD as well as the many CDs already present. Please consider making at least one DVD for all.

Clark Wilson

Martha Goyet
St. Paul, TX

Was absolutely blown away by the Saline Fiddlers. So much energy and talent, and it seemed like each of the players enjoyed every minute of the performance. Congratulations on your dedication and excellence!

Austin, TX

I saw ya'll at camp in evans auditorium..... you guys were FANTASTIC. thank you sooooo much :)

Violas rock :P


Ya'll were awesome!!!!!! It's amazing how many songs you can memorize!!!!

Alex Liston
Clinton, Michigan

What are the chances I find the Saline Fiddlers playing on the Riverwalk while I'm visiting family?! The music was awesome, everyone did an amazing job! I even bought a cd. Keep it up everyone!

haylee hobson
freeport, texas

ya'll were amazing. especiallly trevor ;-)
y'all were fun at the dance as well. it was pretty fun LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (from peter and james) but drummer boy was my favorite (:

Ken and Patti Brown
Austin, TX

Hey you guys...great job last night at the Oasis. Your energy was unbounded and to watch all of you perform with the various instruments AND dance. Wow.

Thanks very much for a great evening, have a terrific visit our here in the Lakeway area despite the rain.

Ken and Patti

Cliff & Gail Woerner

We attended your concert last night at the Oasis and found it entertaining - wholesome - full of life and joy. What a great group you are! Your musical talent is extraordinary, but the fact that you also maintain a 3.5 grade average puts you over the top! Thanks for a wonderful evening.

David Jongewaard
San Antonio, TX

After attending your concert at San Pedro Presbyterian Church, I can certainly attest from your "salt-of-the-earth" music that your salt has not lost any of its robust flavor! What a testament you are to the Divine gift of music-making. I was prompted to e-mail the following rave to Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio encouraging his presence at your River Walk concert on Saturday night:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Honorable Mayor Castro,

Last night, at San Pedro Presbyterian Church (14900 San Pedro Avenue), my wife (one of the pastors) and I were thrilled by the fiddle music of the Saline Fiddlers, a group of thirty extraordinarily talented high school students on summer tour from Saline, Michigan (cf. their website at www.salinefiddlers.com). One of their stars was baptized in our church and is a nephew of the Senior Minister so our congregation had the privilege of lodging the group during its stay in San Antonio. In return they gave us a 2-1/2 hour concert of the most versatile and energetic collection of fiddle and guitar music imaginable including selections from each of the past six decades (incl. arrangement medleys from the Beatles and Michael Jackson) as well as more traditional blue grass and Celtic fiddle music. I was astounded by their professionalism and the high energy of their very upbeat, up-tempo repertoire. They could easily be a professional group and have already produced commercial CD's of their concerts.

The point in relating this to you? They will perform in the Arneson River Theatre opposite La Valitta at 6 p.m. on Saturday night. I don't know anything of your busy itinerary for this July 4th weekend, but if there were any way for you to hear or even greet this group as they perform on the River Walk, you would be as blown away as we were. What a treat for San Antonians and the thousands of tourists that will be on the River Walk Saturday evening (barring any unforeseen thundershower fallout from Alex). Having this talented group perform for us in the River City is a perfect example of the staggering synergy fostered by our hospitality. It's what makes San Antonio the number one tourist magnet in Texas. And it's what makes our city an exciting place to live. You have to be both proud and humbled to be at our helm.

Know this, Mayor Castro, we are certainly proud of our city and just as proud to have you as our Mayor! Thank you for your sterling public service.

With Warmest Regard and Blessing,
David Jongewaard
3715 Blue Sky Holly, San Antonio, TX 78259

Jeann, Roy and Nora Beville
Swartz Creek, MI

We saw you on June 22 and along with our daughter really enjoyed your program. You have a great program going at Saline High School.

George Trundle
Swartz Creek, MI

I saw you 6-22-10 and this was the best show that I have seen, even going to The Whiting in Flint, MI. You young adults are wonderful, It was so relaxing to watch you. I am contacting Whiting today and ask them to contact Mr. Mark Visovatti to see if your group could play there. Keep up your studies and continue to be a team player. You are wonderful.

Gerald W Roat
Davison, Michigan

Got to hear you all tonite at the Swartz Creek park. That was a very great time.

Thank you
Gerald W Roat


Thank you so much for your show at the MayFly Festival in Dundee. Your energy and talent are inspiring.

Kristal Wioncek
Livonia, MI

Always a treat to hear such talented musicians. Loved you at Trevor's Grad Party. I have followed you since Stefanie's years in the group. We have seen you through Michigan and wish you luck on the Texas Tour.

Donald G. Kissel

Dear Saline Fiddlers,

We would like to take the oppportunity to thank you for your performance at our Graduation Banquet on April 17, 2010. Your participation in the celebration was so energetic, and all of your performers are extremely talented. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the show. We appreciate all of your effort and your superb performance.

Thank you again.

Donald G. Kissel

Christine Krieger

I've been wanting to write for awhile now, taking time to catch up after the wedding and honeymoon. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your group for helping to make my wedding a wonderful event. Your kids were great, and the people absolutely loved them! It's been three weeks since the wedding and people still can't stop talking about how wonderful they were. Your group truly helped to make our wedding the event of the year! Thank you so much, and if you ever need any letters of recommendation, please let me know! Thanks so much, and thanks to your kids. They were so well-poised, happy, and engaging. It was great. In fact, your group inspired my church to have a square dancing event this May! Thanks so much - Christine Krieger

Ed and Fay McCoppin

My wife and I throughly enjoyed your show. With all the bad things in the news, it is a pleasure to see young people having good clean fun and sharing their talent with us.


you did a nice job. you guys are awesomer than any other band. hey keep up the good grades you rock


30 years ago I was playing the violin in high school, but in no way that compares to the performance you put on last evening. It was entertaining, mesmerizing, and wholesome. Kudos to all the hard work every member has obviously invested to give such a great concert for the Krieger wedding!

Rich and Donna

We went to a wedding last night in Canton and were able to see you all perform and what a treat it was!!! Wow that was so entertaining. Great job to the entire crew!

Tricia F.
Farmington Hills, MI


I saw the Hometown show Feb. 2010 and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I've seen the group several times and the performances just seem to get better and better. I LOVED the Michael Jackson medley; it was great fun to hear that classic pop music presented in an entirely new way. Thanks again for another fabulous show.

Tricia F.

The Hayes Family
Northville, MI

We brought seventeen family members to see your show at Fox Run in Novi, MI. Each and every one of us enjoyed the show. It was a lively show for all ages. I was shocked when I learned that the group not only fiddles but sings and dances as well. A great show and you can be sure we will find another venue to see the group again. Thank you for a wonderful night of entertainment.

Jim Martin
Dearborn, MI

On behalf of our residents and the Sunday Entertainment Committee here at Henry Ford Village, please accept our sincere appreciation for the very wonderful program you brought to the Village.

Your program was very well received by our residents and they continue to relay their appreciative comments. We are indeed fortunate to have had this special opportunity to experience your program and we look forward to your return sometime in the future.