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Guestbook Entries - 2003

Vance McCrumb
I'm from the VVA Chapter Washtenaw County. These wonderful young men and women performed at the Veterans Hospital Tuesday the 16th. We were truly blessed to have had the opportunity to witness the joy on the faces of those Veterans who in some cases have no home to return to.

What impressed me were the smiles on the faces of the Fiddlers. Not only were you enjoying what you were doing but more importantly why....

I have marked my calendar for your January performance in Milan.

homepage: Me0w!
The fiddlers are awesome, I wish in C-town we had the opportunity to do all the stuff you do. Yeah, inspiration, good playing, blah blah all that good stuff... I think you know youre good. :)

Hey guys! I say you at the hometown concert recently, and you are a true inspiration. I play the violin, and I plan to join the Fiddlers when I am in high school! Keep up the good work!
Corrinne, Alexis, and Lindsey
Wow, we JUST had you guys play for us at Clarkston high School in Michigan. You guys were amazing! If we weren't obvious enough, we were the ones screaming the whole time and loving the bass player (scott) and alexis and lindsey were lovin' the guitar man (Jeremy). Lol you guys were such an inspiration to us personally and well... GO BASSES! ;)
To all of the Fiddlers-
Thank you so much for coming out to Clarkston High tonight. We play classical music all of the time, and its such a wonderful experience to play with you in your style. My friend and I also really enjoyed talking to them (Brandon, Jeremy, Nathan...Jake? Scott... I tried to remember all of your names) afterwards. That way we not only got to play with them, we also got to hear about what you do in Saline. Tonight was AWESOME and we hope to have you all back soon. You're all amazing. Thanks again!
stefan A klages
dude the washboard player is SWEET!!! who is it?
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... maybe i should try out on washboard......maybe....maybe
Jay Dykstra
Ann Arbor
The music is solid...
I love it!
Stef O
hey, I love you guys! Keep up the good work!
Gabor F. Kish
Allen Park, Michigan
Your reputation preceeds you. I was in nothern Mi. recently and had good reports of your past performances nearby.

I would like to obtain your future performance schedule.

Incidentally, my daughter and her family live in Saline and it is my privilege to vist them frequently.

Hoping to enjoy you soon.

Regards, Gabe Kish
Krista Greniuk-Wioncekl
Livonia, MI
After all the wonderful comments, I can not wait to hear you live. My young daughters would surely enjoy seeing their cousin, Stephanie perform.
Robin Kent
Canton, Michigan
I was totally impressed with the talent,and enthusiasm of all the young people in the group. I will definitely watch for future performances and be sure to attend!
Deborah Fraser
Melbourne, Australia
As a participant at the recent American String Workshop at the University of Michigan, I had the great privilege to hear the performance you gave on our final evening. You are a truly inspirational group! Your performances ooze energy, musicianship, joy and amazing talent! Keep it up - I hope to have the pleasure of hearing you again soon.
Paul Ottum
Fiddlers Philharmonic rocks! I am trying out for them again, but this time on the guitar, next year. Have a great year.
Carol Miller
Westfield, NJ
We came from Westfield, NJ to visit our daughter's family in Saline this weekend, especially because of the Celtic Festival. We'd heard so much about the Saline Fiddler's Philharmonic from our grandson, Andrew Schantz, who has just finished the 6th grade and plays the viola. He's in the fiddle club and orchestra, and his ambition is to become a member of the Fiddler's when he gets into high school.

I am a BIG fan of bluegrass music and already have two of your CD's, which I received from my daughter's family. I play them often and am always amazed that I'm listening to a high school group. The quality of your performance is definitely on a professional level. I was thrilled with the outstanding show today and look forward to hearing your group again in the near future.

Good luck to all of you. You're wonderful musicians and a credit to your high school and the Saline community.

Carol Miller
Sally Henderson
Saline, but we just moved here
We went to the Celtic Festival today for the first time, and didn't expect it to be as good as it was. The highlight was your performance. I sat there in total amazement listening to all of you sing and play. I hate country music, and thought your fiddling would be like that, but it was totally awesome. Your talent is a true gift, and I thank you for sharing it so enthusiastically. We were up front on the side, and could clearly see your faces and genuine delight in performing. Because it was so much fun for you, it made it fun for a very appreciative crowd! All of the time and effort you must put into practicing sure shows. Wishing you the best of luck in your very bright futures :)
Jeri Loessel
Lapeer, Michigan
Saw you when you were at the Pix in Lapeer. You were absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait to see you again and bring my family and friends. Keep on sharing your great talent--you bring so much pleasure and joy. Most sincerely, Jeri Loessel
Kaye Porter
Onaway Mi.
I was an usher at the Cheboygan Opera House in June. I really wanted to see your show in Alpena, It didn't work out - hopefully you will be in the North agan soon. You were GREAT. I would be interest in more information about your group and your performances.
Janice C. Tubman
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Saw this marvelous group at our SOO LOCKS FESTIVAL Mon. July 30, 2003. Words can't describe how much it was enjoyed. My husband would have loved it too if he were still living. As square dancers the music would have been perfect and the cloggers were good. Another thing that interested me as a former cello player was the abbreviated ones the 2 gals played. Hope to see this wonderful group of young people play again. What a wonderful thing to have for them.
Ron & Glenna Bishop
Cheboygan, MI
Look forward to your next concert at the Opera House. Last night was the third we have attended there, and we have so many great memories from each one. Wasn't Ben Culver a featured performer three years ago. What are the Phillips doing now?
Jerry Bishop
Springfield, Ohio
Saw your perfomance at the Summer Arts Festival. Great show! Thanks for coming.
Gibsons, B.C. CANADA!!!
Coast String Fiddlers
Hey all!

I'm a member of the Coast String Fiddlers- we did a concert with you down here a few years back when you were on tour...remember??? NEway, just dropped in to take a look at the new picture to see if I recognized anyone- lots of newbies, eh? (I just put that in there to prove I really am Canadian!) Glad to hear you guys are still doing well. You should check out our site if you get a chance- everyone still in the group- plus a few little guys- they're so cute!

Hope you're all doing well. Hope to hear back from someone.

Chelz (short, red haired fiddler/dancer)
Greg Neumann
Columbiaville, MI
Great site. I am 47 years old and just decided to learn the fiddle (wish me luck). Anyway after veiwing your web I will be sure to mention it to my fellow board of directors at the Wheatland Music Org. I think it would be grand to see you perform at our festival. By looking at your group I am encourage to get my finger tips sore.
Hey! I'm one of the newest members of the fiddlers and finally got to this site. I'm really excited to part of this group and take on the challenge!
You guys are the best!!!!!!!!! I am in the 6th grade fiddle club now and wish to become a fiddler in a few years. Keep up the fantastic work!

Viola section is the bomb!!!!!
Los Angeles, CA
Barrage Fan Central
I recently had a chance to meet your Artistic Director and it was a pleasure to hear him talk about your group. I hope to one day see the Saline Fiddlers perform in person. You must be an exceptional group of musicians. Good luck with all of your endeavors!
Sue Durfee
South Lyon
Can't wait to see you this summer!
I went to your concert and I thought it was excellent, both the music and step dancing, keep up the good work :)
Natalie Moore
Saline, Michigan
You guys did great at the last concert or should i mention the fiddle clubs
Sharon Hegwood-ThreeOlBags
Burger School, Garden City
The concert was amazing! Our students absolutely loved it! The staff have been stopping me all day, telling me how much they loved the group. I have heard over and over that it was the most successful program we have had, in terms of the student enjoyment. Thank you all for taking the time to give something special to our kids. I would love to get your newletter.
No one in particular
YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitchell Grobb
Calgary, Alberta
Great Web Site guys! I'm currently with Barrage, and was down in Chelsea not that long ago to do a few shows. It was great listening to you guys! You're a bunch of very talented people. Keep up the good work!
Soren Hauter
Farwell, Michigan
Hi, I am 12 years old and in my 4th year of fiddling. I enjoy the music. I play at church, nursing homes, and about 15 fiddle jamborees in the year. They tell me I am doing really well, and I do get alot of applause. The 1st of February, Farwell has a Talent Show, runs 2 nights, I am participating in both nights. They have not had fiddlers before! I am playing Bile Em Cabbages, When You & I Were Young, Maggie the one night and the other night I'll play Irish Washerwoman, and SheBeg SheMor. I will be playing Danny Boy and a couple more at a fiddle jamboree, weather permitting, at East Jordan in March. Someday I hope to see you perform.
Happy Fiddling....Soren
Suzanne Hauter
Farwell, Michigan
Hello Fiddlers of the Future! I have heard of you many times, and have friends who have gone to see you, but I personally have not had the chance. I am the newsletter editor of the Original Michigan Fiddlers Asso. and send a quarterly newsletter. I LOVE fiddle music, and do anything I can to help others get interested and hear the great music of the fiddle. I especially enjoy seeing the young people get involved with the fiddle. I have a grandson who is in 4th year of fiddling. He does real good! Bile Em Cabbage is one of his favorites, and so when I played your clip he played with you. Keep on Fiddling!
Happy Fiddling!