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Guestbook Entries - 2005

Frank M. Adams
Fostoria, OH
Just want to let you know that on December 20th, I was in the VA Hospital, recovering from Congestive Heart Failure and had the honor of wittnessing your performance on "5 West." You all presented a great performance for us all. You may remember my talking with you all briefly about my interest of having you all perform at Findlay, OH for the Flag City Marine Corp League Det. #1148, which I publish the newsletter for. We are planning on David Frizzell headlining the concert on April 8th.

Semper Fi! OooRaah
Frank M. Adams
woohoo you guys rock
Judy Cosgrove
Coldwater, MI
WOW!!! I got to hear your awesome music today at the Tibbits Opera House in Coldwater. I think you should all go down to Nashville. I lived there for three years and attended the Grand Ole Opry a couple of times but you all are just as good as what I heard down there. I hope each of you are able to continue your gift of music after you graduate. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I left the Opera house feeling very refreshed by your music. Thank you so much!!!
I hope you will visit Coldwater again someday.
david t coyle
I just got home from seeing your performance at the tibbits opera house in Coldwater.
I just wanted you to know how much I and the rest of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the great music and the high energy performance.
It is so refreshing to see young students accomplishing so much at such an early age. What a life experience! Please come back.
Dave Coyle
Bill Esch
Pigeon, MI
I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see each of you perform at the Michigan Festivals & Events Association Convention in Kalamazoo, MI on Nov. 5 --- There are not enough adjectives to describe what I saw at that performance! AMAZING!
Cheryl Whitton
Troy, Michigan
I really enjoyed your performance this past weekend at the Michigan Festival and Events Convention in Kalamazoo. It is fantastic to see young adults performing at such a profesional level. The members from our festival talked about you for the remainder of the weekend and are still talking about you today. Our entertainment chairperson will be in touch with your group to see if we can possibly book you for our festival. Thank you for coming to Kalamazoo and entertaining us.
I love the Fiddlers Restrung, the original, and all of you! I am thinking about trying out when I am in high school. You guys have really inspired me.
jessica morrell
hey guys you rock i have been to all your shows and i am your #1 fan you came to my church lincoln methodist church you were at the cancer walk this summer look for me at your next show i got a shirt that said # 1 fan of the fiddlers! you guys rock
love your # 1 fan
Julia Englehart
My nieces Michelle B. and Emily B. are playing in this concert, "Best Wishes for a good time and know that I will be thinking of both of You!"
Love, Uncle Bob & Aunt Julie
Penny Ryan
Nashville, Michigan
We saw your performance at the Lowell Bluegrass Festival and we thought you were awesome. We really enjoyed the show. Hope to see you again soon.
Best Wishes,
The Ryans,
David, Penny and Tiffany
Janet Arnold
Warren, Michigan
I heard your energetic, impressive performance at the Day of Music at Orchestra Hall. My granddaughter was the four-year-old dancing in the aisle. We both enjoyed your show!
i miss / / love you guys a lot. hugs to all of you :0)

<3 nathan john klages
Evelyn H. Shea
Rye, NH
I saw your performance last year at the 2004 hometown concert, it was worth every mile I travelled. Keep up the excellent work. Evelyn H. Shea
Joe and Tracy Szymczak
Harrison Township MI
We saw you at Arts and Apples. What a joy to watch and listen to. Great to see something different, other than the same High School routines. Very professional and entertaining. "Thank yall" for a great day!!!

Mark and Anne Marie Winz, Michael and Bethany
Orlando, FL
We'd like to greet our neice and nephew (cousins), Kathryn and David R., and wish them and all of you a very successful season this year.

David and Kathryn, know that we're very proud of you,

Aunt Anne Marie and Uncle Mark, Michael and Bethany
Holly Ulrich
You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work.
The Winters Family
We saw both of your performances at the Michigan State Fair--the shortened by rain one but better yet your performance later in the day. It was phenomenal!!!!! Thank you all so very much for sharing your many talents and your wonderful smiles. We really appreciated what you shared and will be looking to attend any future events that are on your schedule.

Scott & Brooke Tetzlaff
We saw you at the 4-H fair in Lowell last night. It was impressive to see so much talent in one place. WOW! It looked like you were all having fun! A lot of hard work went into that FUN! We were so impressed that we bought 2 CD's. Two thumbs up here!
Phyllis Gross
Canadian Lakes
You should be proud as individuals and as a group that so wonderfully works together...I, along with the many folks in attendance at your performance at Canadian Lakes enjoyed ourselves! Total "foot-stompin'" tunes. Congratulations on your success! Hope you can come to our area again.
Judi Leathers
Canadian Lakes, MI
Your performance last week at the castle was great!! You were the talk of the "town" all week.
Lenoir, NC
hey! i was at cannon just like the other jessica that signed this guestbook haha.. but you guys were great! keep up the good work.
Fowler, MI
I came with my family to see you perform last night in St. Johns. It was great!!!!!! The talent of your group is spectacular. I saw that you will be in Lowell within the month and I plan on rounding up some friends and coming to see you again. May God continue to bless you all as you continue to enjoy the talents He has given you.
Martha Grambau
St. Johns, MI
Attended your performance last evening (Aug.3rd). It was a great show. We were amazed at the outstanding ability of this group and hope to have you come back another year.
Bob & Mary
St. Johns
We are sooo happy we were able to attend your concert here in St. Johns last night. What a refreshing sound and sight to hear so many very talented young people. Your presentation was excellent and each and everyone of you looked like you were REALLY enjoying what you were doing. Great Job!!!
Jerry Beaufore
St. Johns
Enjoyed your performance at the 4-H fair in St. Johns. What strikes me most is the enthusiasm and energy you give your show, above and beyond the individual recognition and talent. I am inspired by the time not only the muscians devote, but that of teachers, directors, parents, and others. My praise to all of you. JB
carol edwards
stanwood, MI
Your group performed for us here at the "Castle" and what a performance it was! You are all delightful and so very, very talented. Everyone present could see the joy you have as you entertained us....enjoy each moment, as will all your audiences to come I'm sure.
Randy Root
St. Johns
We just got home from your performance in the St. Johns City Park. IT WAS GREAT! I'm so proud to see the youth of our state perform at such a high level. The music was unique and well executed. Boy am I glad I didn't miss this show. All the best to each of you.
Suwanee, GA
HEY! I was at cannon when yall came! awesome job! really enjoyed it! hope to hear/see yall again.
June White
Canadian Lakes
The Saline fiddlers were awesome. What a great program. I also housed four young men. The parents and school in Saline must be doing something right. All four were polite, interesting and fun to have in my home. Thank you all for coming to Canadian Lakes. I hope you will come back.
Jim & Nancy Lowry
Canadian Lakes, MI
Nancy and I enjoyed your concert at our Canadian Lakes, MI Castle very, very much. It was so nice to see such wholesome and talented teens come together for a night of great entertainment. We laughed and yes, even cried with joy at some of your antics and performances. Please bless us and come again to our community.

Jim & Nancy Lowry
Warwick, RI
i had sooooo much fun in the workshop!!! i love fiddling! it's so awesome! come back to tollgate and do another workshop with us!
Jean McFeggan
Canadian Lakes, Mi.
We enjoyed your concert at the castle. Your director has accomplished quite a lot. Thanks to him for bringing these marvelous musicians to Canadian Lakes for the concert. I wish that we had a larger stage for you to perform on. We have gone to many concerts at Interlochen and I enjoyed your show more than I did the excellent shows at Interlochen. We just saw Natalie McMasters and I am sure that she was also inspired by your performance. Great show.
Bill Frayer
Canadian Lakes MI
I was thoroughly inspired by the group's program last night at the "Castle". The talent, energy and spirit of these young people was just stupendous. Thanks for a GREAT show. Meeting and talking with Scott's grandparents made the show a real joy. THANKS.
Mary D. Sullivan-Pondell
Canadian Lakes
As a former teacher, and the mother of 5, I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into a spectacular performance. Love the way everyone smiles, moves around, shows respect for others in the group. Such talent + good looks! Playing from memory is wonderful to see. In high school I played cello for approx. 2 yrs. How I would have loved your elec. kind!! It would have been easier to haul around on the school buses, of which I took 2 each way. How proud of yourselves you must be!
Bud & Cynthia Richter
Canadian Lakes, Mi
Great concert tonght,7/28/05. The Kids were excellent. One of the best concerts we have had here at C/L. Hope you come back soon. Keep up the good work. This is how education should work. Happy kids,enjoying their music and achieving a good education at the same time.

Bud & Cynthia
Debbie Adams
Plymouth, MI
Well, I just wanted to say that I came up to Canadian Lakes to visit my sister who lives here----and she wanted to go to the Castle and see the Fiddlers. You young folks were just wonderful and we enjoyed you tremendously. Thank-you for a fun-filled evening and good luck in all your endeavors.
Taylor, Mi
My Grandma and Grandpa and I saw you in Alpena tonight, July 27, 2005. Loved the show, it was a great performance. Hope to see you again next year.
dennis obrien
sydney australia
wish there was more bluegrass in australia
cheers dennis
fiddling has always been my favorite form of music. the workshop i was in was soooo much fun!!! i memorized some awesome stuff. if anyone knows of a fiddle teacher in my area, let me know and email me!
Saline, Mi
OHMYGOODNESS! just want to say how i love you all, and i can't wait to see you someday soon.
<3 nathan
Hyde Park
I really liked the fiddling wokshop at the Warwick music festival. I've always wanted to learn how to do that. You guys rock.
Sarah Khan
The workshop was actually fun, it wasn't boring at all. There wasn't a dull moment because you were always thinking of what you were suppose to play next, and the tunes were upbeat and lifted my mood. It actually relaxed me a bit. I enjoyed it.
Katie H
I had the fiddling workshop today at the Warwick music festival (high school) and I thought it was really fun! I really kind of like fiddling and I had a really good time considering I was in school on a Sunday.
Marilyn Whipple
Rodney, MI
Our family is looking forward to seeing you again at the Blue Grass festival in Lowell, Mi.
KeViN C.
u rock!
can't wait till next hometown live concert and work shop.
Saline, MI
Hiya, kiddos~

Most of you probably don't read this, but I just thought I should say hi and I'll see you in a couple of weeks! It's weird how much I miss being on stage with y'all sometimes. So keep on being superstars, all of you. I know you will.

~Everyone's favorite girl from the class of '04
Dixie Wyler
Coshocton, Ohio
I have enjoyed looking at your website.

Dixie Wyler
Special Events Coordinator
Historic Roscoe Village
Coshocton, Ohio
(800) 877-1830
Jeffrey L Timms
Lawrenceville GA
Keep up the good work guys!!!! Music is a passion that will last a lifetime.

Jeffrey L Timms
VP Sales and Marketing
Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems
hi I am 10 and in 5th grade and want to be like you!!!!!
Paige Elliott
I'm 10 and in 4th grade. I have a violin and I want to be just like you guys!!! You rock!
Meredith Phillips
The last hometown concert was awesome. I loved it!!!! The music was mind-blowing.
Chad Smith
It was really cool to hear some familiar sounds at the NAIAS. You guys rocked! Keep up the good work.
Sharon Hegwood/ThreeOlBags
Garden City
I just wanted to let you know how excited the staff and students at Burger School are about your upcoming concert on the 24th. I hope you know how much it means to us that you are willing to give of your time and talent to enrich the lives of our children, many of whom would never have the opportunity to attend a concert like this.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Gert-jan Bredeweg
Hi there

I listened to the fiddlers on January 15 2005 in the Cobo centre and it was the best. Keep up the good works.

I love your playing and want to invite you all this summer to Ontario, Canada.