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Guestbook Entries - 2008

I just wanted to let you guys know you are amazing. There is no way to be sad when you guys are playing. You really can brighten any party or event.
Leslie Kirkpatrick
We attended your concert in Lapeer with our daughter and son-in-law. We were blown away with the talent and energy displayed by the group. Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening.

Roger & Leslie Kirkpatrick
Ken Oliver
Was at your show at the Pix in Lapeer and enjoyed it very much. Hope to see you next year. Thanks again for a great show.
Nancy Sommerville
Lapeer, MI
I attended the performance of these remarkable musicians on Saturday at the Pix Theatre. What a treat!! I defy anyone to not tap their toes and keep time with the music. This is the second time I have seen them, and I will attend anytime they are in the area.
Joan and Kevin Sedely
Lapeer, Michigan
We saw the "Fiddlers" perform last night in Lapeer and it was spectacular! I have loved fiddle music since I was a tiny girl, but my husband really had never heard good fiddle playing and he was impressed.

Loved the playing, the singing, the clogging and especially the attitude (of professional, energy-filled musicians). I was also pleased to hear of a high group GPA. I think the parents and families of these young people deserve recognition too, as well as their director.
I work at the Lutheran Home in Monroe and was blown away how GREAT you all were!!!! Thank you so much, the residents really loved it!!!! Hope to see you all there again REALLY SOON!! God has really Blessed all of you with Great talent Keep Up the GREAT Work you do! God Bless!!!
Scott & Jeri Baker
Corpus Christi, Texas
We were in Saline (all the way from the Gulf Coast of Texas) a couple of weeks ago visiting with some great friends, the Kuykendalls. We had an opportunity to attend the HomeTown concert and were absolutely blown away. To think that these musicians are only in High School is hard to imagine.

What a terrific, positive program for young people you have.

We have one request....Book a tour to Texas. No doubt it would be well received. And, I think your group of young entertainers would enjoy it as well.

Best Wishes,
Scott & Jeri Baker
Jason Tharp
Lincoln Park
Southbound Mary Band
Got to listen to what you're all about through Mark Visovatti. WOW, YOU GUYS & GALS ARE GREAT! Keep it up!!!
Donna Guy
Hi !

I was at the Elders concert last weekend & was blown away by the talent & poise of these young men & women. Just amazing!

I took a LOT of pictures & here is the link to my Shutterfly photo album of the event. Feel free to share this link...you may need to copy & paste it.

I hope to see the Fiddlers again!


Webmaster's note: Donna's photos are linked from our Photos page. Thank you, Donna!
Theresa Brosius
I want you all to know how much I enjoyed just being able to sit and watch a wonderful Hometown Show. You guys were amazing...talented, fun, and full of energy. You are such a great bunch of kids. Keep up the fabulous efforts. You make people smile!!!!
Ilene Wilson
My mom and I really enjoyed your show in Grayling last night! We were so impressed with how talented all of you are - thanks for the delightful performance!
Holland, Mi
i loved the show i saw last night! you guys are all so cute, i wish i could have seen some of you smile more! especially the viola on stage left...trevor? i think. :)
Ann Arbor
I saw you guys playing on the street the other night in the cold... you guys were fantastic! I'll be at your hometown show for sure! By the way, you made the paper! Don't know if you guys knew that, but it's also online at www.mlive.com/annarbornews

Ralph and Carol Miller
Mt. Pleasant (Charleston) SC
We are again getting ready for our 1600 mile round trip to see the Fiddlers on Novenber 1st. As usual we will be amazed by yor performance and see how much you enjoy performing before an audiance.

My wife and I hope that some day the Fiddlers will perform here in Charleston, we have a fantastic Performing Art Center which I am sure you could fill.

See you soon,
Ralph and Carol Miller
Oakwood, Ohio
Your performance was inspiring! I think every leader of children should watch your show and talk to your director! We should all be able to bring forth that much enthusiasm in our youth!
Vern Mullett
Van Wert, OH
Hi fiddlers!
I saw your show at Flat Rock Fest in Paulding, OH, yesterday and was totally entertained! I was just amazed at the teamwork your group displayed. Way to shine!! I hope to attend another one of your concerts soon. Thanks for the good time...
Chris Bercaw
Paulding, OH
I was a vendor at the Flat Rock Fall Festival, that was near the stage where you performed. You are a VERY talented group of young adults and I hope that Bill & Patty Vance have invited you back to the 2009 event.
K Figy
Defiance OH
Thank you for a most delightful music memory at the Flat Rock Creek Fest. in Paulding OH. You were such fine examples of today's creative & contructive youth. Keep up the great work!
Ray Durham
I went to the Flat Rock festival, and was totally impressed by the group. What a fine bunch of kids, and so gifted. A fantastic show, thank you.
Devin Pruden
Scott, Ohio

We watched your performances and bought a couple of CD's. We must say, this has been one of the best things to hit Paulding County! We loved it from start to finish. We would hope you would come back again next year.

Thanks for comming to the Paulding County Flatrock Creek festival.


P.S. Hope to see y'all next year!
Don Kelble
Payne, Ohio

Today was the first time I heard of your group and of course the first time I saw or heard the group. I was in Paulding for the Flat Rock Creek Festival and stayed for both shows. Outstanding!

Terry Woodard
I was going to a horse pulling contest at the Paulding County Fair grounds. Then I saw this OUTSTANDING group of young fiddlers. I saw half of the first show, and came back for the second show. No horse pulling this time. I hope you guys can come back again next year. All of your parents can be proud of you guys. Nice touch, throwing in the U of M fight song in the middle of the orange blossom special song.
Thanks for a GREAT SHOW.
Terry Woodard
Dan Shea
Say-line Michigan
Fiddlers are number one in the hood, g
Ralph and Carol Miller
Mt. Pleasant, SC
My wife and I are glad to see the date for your hometown concert in Saline. We will start to make plans to see the concert. The trip from South Carolina to Michigan, 1800 miles round trip, is enjoyable because we can not only visit with family we can also attend the concert.

Ralph and Carol Miller
Ashley VanHouten
Cadillac, Michigan
I listened to your group play this summer in Cadillac, Michigan. At first I wasn't going to go but at the last minute I changed my mind and went and I'm so happy I choose to do so. Your group has such an amazing talent and the music is amazing! Im actually listening to the 'On My Way Home' c.d. right now. A shout-out to Sarah C...you have an amazing voice, I love when you sing in Big Mama Brown. Hopefully I will be able to see you next summer in Cadillac.
George Kruse
Bill Conley
Carey, Ohio
I just wanted to drop you guys a note and tell you'all what a breath of fresh air you all were to the Carey Fest. I hope they will have you back next year. I have been playing in several different Bluegrass bands since my senior year in 1985. I must tell you that it is so much fun to perform for all the different fans. You all look as though you are having so much fun performing. I thoroughly enjoyed both of your sets. I never learned to read music when I learned to play. My first cousin taught me to play the way that he knew. By ear. Well I'm gonna go for now. I may be in Pemberville to see you'all again. I see it's on your schedule for the 16th of August. That's not really too far from Carey. Bye for now. Good Luck "Saline Fiddlers"
Jeanette Hunt
Bad Axe
Saw you in Pigeon. You were really great. Hoping you come again.
Donna Anderson
Linden, Michigan
I saw you at the Bologna Festival in Yale, Michigan, recently. You were awesome! I must admit, it was my first visit to the Bologna Festival and my expectations were fairly low. I sure never expected to see a group of your caliber. I hope all of you enjoy music for a lifetime.
Toni Ahlberg
What a treat to have your wonderful group perform at our Sesquicentennial event here in Carey, Ohio, this past weekend. Your foot-tapping music was truly a crowd-pleaser. We hope you will be able to return to future Carey Fests!
Ron Rodabaugh
Harpster, OH
I saw you for the first time at the Carey Fest. Excellent! PBS would be a great market for your CDs. You would be a great fit for Lock 3 Live in downtown Akron, OH.
Kim Barnett
Risingsun, Ohio
We saw you play in Carey, Oh. and I wanted to say what a bunch of talented youth you have!! It was wonderful to listen to and to watch. Great job guys... Keep up the great work!!
Mary Beth Nimtz
Elkton, Michigan
Saw the performance in Pigeon on July 31. First time I have seen the group and enjoyed a great concert on a beautiful evening. Keep up the good work.
Patti and Don Lau
Caseville MI
Went to Pigeon bandshell to see you perform and thought you were really great. It's refreshing to see such young kids having a wonderful time and being involved in such a wonderful art as this. Keep it up really great, have seen you three times and also purchased your cd's. You're super.... patti and don lau from caseville michigan
John Schave
Yale, Michigan
I had the opportunity to see the Saline Fiddlers this past weekend at the Yale Bologna Festival.
This was one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen. Everyone needs to see their show! Very well produced and performed, an excellent family show. Thank You
Jeff and Patty Troy
Ruby, MI
We were privileged to hear you perform in Yale. What a wonderful treat! Thank you so much. We'll be sure to check your schedule and come to other events too.
Linda Stegmeyer
Ann Arbor, MI
You kids are incredible! I first heard you this past winter when I took a sick day from work. As I lay on the sofa nursing a miserable cold, I found myself channel surfing and came upon one of your performances. It really made me sit up! I forgot all about my cold and wanted to hear more. This past week I was able to do just that when you performed at the University of Michigan hospital in the courtyard. You were even better than I remembered! Now I'm going to another part of this website to order one of your cd's. Thank you for the music!
Robert Szymke
Cadillac, Michigan
We saw your show in Cadillac on Friday, July 18, 2008. You were great. You present yourselves with professional quality. We really enjoyed your show. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you again.
Ronald Proctor
I attended your concert in Cadillac on the 18th of July and enjoyed it very much. I bought 2 of their CD's and wanted to buy a t-shirt but they didn't have one my size in the color that I wanted.
Cathy Sherrill
Boothbay Harbor, ME
Just a few days ago this great old Opera House was filled with the spirit and enormous talent of the not-to-be-forgotten Saline Fiddlers. What an amazing group of young people and what fine ambassadors representing the great town of Saline! In the hours and days since the tour bus pulled out of town I have had countless numbers of local residents and visitors tell me how much they enjoyed the show. In a season of Grammy award winning performers being on stage at the Opera House the Fiddlers were my favorite, bar none.

I hope that the rest of your overland journey was filled with great performances and some much deserved down time. While I know it may be several years, we look forward to the group's return to this part of the country. The Opera House will welcome the Fiddlers back anytime! In the meantime, we will keep a watch on you from afar. It was a rare treat to have you all in our midst.

All the best from all your new friends and admirers in Boothbay Harbor.

Cathy Sherrill
Managing Director, Boothbay Harbor Opera House
Dennis Lashley
I just want to thank all you kids and adults for the great times we had on the 2008 eastern tour. I wouldn't have missed any of it or have traded any of it for all the money in the world. After the very first time that I heard you in Sparta, I had to to hear you in every gig we did on tour. You kids are awesome. I hope to see a lot more of you in the future. I love you all and can't wait till we go again.

Thanks to all of you.
(Bus Driver)
Reading the notes. I can hardly wait to hear your CD and would LOVE it if you would record a Christmas Holiday CD. That would be awesome. The Mandolin player happens to be my nephew. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Karen MacDonald
Abercorn, QC (Canada)
Saw your show in Enosburg Falls last night and loved every minute of it. Your high energy, lively spirits, and fun-filled performance were so infectious that I drove home singing along to a music tape in my car. You heightened all my senses and made me feel so alive and in love with life. Keep up the great work and hope you come back again soon.
A little town in Vermont
I just got home from my first ever Saline Fiddlers show and was completely blown away. There was so much talent and energy in the Opera House in Enosburgh, and it was such an incredible treat to see all of you perform. I smiled my way all through your performance and continued all the way home. Excellent job! I especially enjoyed the clogging and all the traditional tunes. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!
Bristol, Maine
I attended your concert at the Opera House in Boothbay, ME. I was in awe of the talent and the performance of your group. This is a spectacular opportunity for students. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every community had a program like this. It is such a gift to share this wonderful talented group with the world.
Chris Major
North Conway, New Hampshire
Hello Saline Fiddlers!

My wife Roxanne & I just returned from trip down to the Maine coast, and certainly our night at the Boothbay Opera House with you all was absolutely amazing! We have seen alot of live music over the years, and your talent & enthusiasm are inspiring! God Bless, keep going & be safe.

Your friends & fans,
Chris & Roxanne Major

p.s. Your booking agent should check on the Arts Jubilee concerts series in North Conway NH (our home town - very beautiful mountain tourist town) for the 2009 summer, your group is a perfect fit for Arts Jubilee.
The Bronx, nyc, (a/k/a boogiedown)
Hey everyone,
This is Jonny (played mandolin w/ Work of Art in Yorktown). Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to be on the bill with you and to get to meet and hang out with a couple of you (Nick & Travis) at Art's studio. Hope you had fun in nyc and the rest of your trip was a great success. I love 'On My Way Home'! I can't take it out of the cd player! You guys rock.
Gene/Nan Vest
St. Augustine FL / Damariscotta, ME
Thanks for an outstanding perforance in Boothbay ME. Your gift of music is a joy for all as you could see by your reception. I am passing on your good news to others. Keep up the great work you are doing in this world. God is good!!
Washington D.C.
I saw the show in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. You guys were amazing! And the guy that plays the mandolin is really hott! You girls are lucky. :P
Lucy Ann Lance
Ann Arbor, MI
WOW! I've seen the Saline Fiddlers perform numerous times in Michigan, but watching the outdoor concert at Government Center outside Boston City Hall on July 5 was an incredible experience. Hundreds of people from all over the world were mesmerized and energized by your outstanding performance. You got a standing ovation, Fiddlers! Thank you to all of the dedicated parents and volunteers who put their heart and soul into this non-profit organization. Thank you also to the big hearts in the crowd who put money into the Big Hat. Traveling the country to bring America's music to the masses is no easy feat, and I'm sure the Fiddlers are most grateful for your kind contributions. Most of all, thank you to Artistic Director Ben Culver and all of the extremely talented student performers! WE LOVE YOU, SALINE FIDDLERS!!
Hey guys, how ya'all doin? hope you're doin well..

well, i haven't heard of you, but yesterday i was lucky enough to pop-up from nowhere while you guys were performing downtown/city-hall of boston.

it was fun watching you guys and it was amazin how someone like me who hardly enjoy music enjoyed your music. you have tons of tanlented kids- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

ps: as i was watching your performance, i couldn't help admiring Hannah. she's really talented and so innocent. loved how she would look at people and put a cute smile. GOOD-JOB Hannah...
Jill Broad
Melbourne, Australia
We have just witnessed an amazing performance by this wonderfully talented group of teenagers. They obviously love their music & equally enjoy performing for an audience--a very receptive one it was today. We will relive it with the CD we have.
Linda Palmer
Sparta, NJ
I noticed a small ariticle in our local paper on Sunday regarding the Saline Fiddlers conducting a workshop and then performing in the evening. I talked a few friends into going, not knowing what to expect. We were blown away. What an enthusiastic group of kids with an amazing talent to share.

I hope they are able to come back to Sparta on their next Northeastern tour. I also hope they get more publicity the next time! We could have easily missed a very entertaining evening. Thank you!
Patrick Conlon aka. Paddymike
Jersey City, NJ
Hey All,

Fun meeting some of you last night in Yorktown. Great show and it was fun to play on the bill with you. Keep up the good work.

I think you guys need to give the drummer a little spot to shine through at some point in your show!!!

drummer from Work of Art.
Bob Taffer
Highland Lakes, NJ
My friend and I had the privilege of seeing the Fiddlers perform for the first time last evening and we thoroughly enjoyed your entire show. The group's instrumentation was excellent and the dancing and singing enhanced the performance very nicely. All the performers were wonderful and, I must say, Sarah's versatility (cello-playing, singing, dancing and stage presence) was outstanding.

I love fiddle music, whether it be Bluegrass, Country, Celtic or Cajun. Have you ever considered including a Cajun tune or two in your repertoire?

Keep up the fine work!!
And please come back to New Jersey.
Bob Taffer
Ralph and Carol Miller
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
We have again made another trip from Mt. Pleasant ( Charleston ) South Carolina to see the Fiddlers start their summer tour, this time in Sparta, New Jersey. Having lived in New Jersey for 30 years, we are now visiting with friends and family. On Monday evening we will bring several friends and family members to Sparta to experience the Fiddlers for the first time, and we are sure they will be very impressed as we always are. After this concert we will be looking forward to your Hometown Concert in Saline in the early Fall.

I know that the people in Charleston would love to see and hear you play. There is a group of Fiddlers in Summerville, South Carolina who I am sure would appreciate learning from you.

Ralph and Carol Miller
Mary Ruth Allen
Alpharetta, GA
Last year when you performed in Sault Ste. Marie I had the good fortune to hear/see your group. Such fun you have! I hope to "catch" you again at your July 18 show in Cadillac.

As an Alaskan (previously a Yooper) for many years before retirement, I heard a fiddle contest in Whitehorse - in the Yukon. I am sending you the tape I bought at that time, perhaps 6 - 8 years ago. Your group might hear a different style, by this group.

Hoping to see you'all this summer (July.)
A fiddler fan,
Mary Ruth Allen
Miranda Avolio
I went to Music in the Park; I danced on the stage; it was fun! (6 yrs old. journal entry 6/19/08)
Betty Danneffel
Your new CD is the best ever! I listen to it on my car radio both on my way out and "on my way home". For me, it just seems so mellow. Great music - I love all of it but I must admit I hit the repeat button when Big Mama Brown comes on - Sarah is my granddaughter and I am SO proud of her. That's not to take away from the rest of the group and the wonderful director Mr. Culver. You are ALL great!
Bobbie Goodrum
Thank You Thank You Thank You for the wonderful job you did at our school. We loved having you here and hope to have you back!!!
I'm a substitute nurse at Cloverdale School. Thanks very much for visiting Cloverdale on June 16th. It was a such pleasure to hear your group perform. You brought much joy to the staff and students that day.
Sandee Cooper
I saw you perform for a special education school in Farmington today and was blown away! I had a stupid grin on my face the whole time you were there. You were spot on and I love your musical choices. I bought your latest CD and expect to get the others shortly. I keep telling everyone I see about you all!
BE PROUD and know people are loving what you do.
Rich & Mary Bard
We attended your 2008 performance at the Evart Depot last Thursday evening. Wanted to tell you that it was absolutely fantastic, and that we enjoyed it very much. While the first half was rather slow, the second half surely made up for it. We heard only good comments from everyone around us. If fact, many said it was the best performance they heard at the Depot. We have had many good ones there over the years. We will be attending your July performance in Cadillac, and will recommened it to all our friends and relatives. Thank you for a performance well done.
Eric Wharton
The CD release party last night was great! I loved how the Fiddlers explored new areas of music like jazz and even funk.
Cindy Carey
Evart, MI
Saw your concert in Evart last night. You guys were awsome. I cannot believe the talent on your squad. Tell some of the new kids to loosen up a bit. I know it must be nervewrecking. Hope you visit our city again next year.
Jim and Kathy
Romeo, MI
We enjoyed the outdoor concert held Thursday evening in Evart, MI. Highlights of the performance included the violin trio and the enthusiastic young lady who played the cello, sang, and danced! Have a great summer tour!
I brought a couple friends to the concert in Evart, and we all enjoyed the concert immensely. It was the perfect music for an outdoor summer evening concert! Keep up the good work!
evart, MI
i thought it was great the bass guitar solos were very good and the fiddlers were also great. the only thing that should be better is the drum set should have some cool solos. anyways it was great!
Roger Gable and Family
Evart, MI
My family and my self really enjoyed your concert on the 12th of June in Evart every one of you are so talented and gifted keep up the good work again it was a real good concert we wish you the best and will pray for your safe return home tonight.
Roger Elkins
Fan-tastic show in Evart. Enjoyed the energy, music, and the great outdoor concert. Wishing you the best with your CD release and the summer tour. Thanks for giving us the chance to purchase the new CD today.
Rachel & Meagan
Hey everyone! We're so proud of your performances. Keep up the good work! :) And Marty, keep working that hair!
Marie Koziel
Hey everyone! I hope everyone's doing well! I was cleaning my dorm room today and had to re-organize my binders - 3 of which were from fiddler camp, and made me think of all you all!
Paul & Florence Dunsford
Marlett, Michcigan
Congratulations on a JOB WELL DONE. We just returned home from your performance in the Marlette High School. What an awesome evening. Your vigor and talent is so refreshing and we congratulate you on your collective GPA as well. It is evident that each of you will go far in life after these experiences in your high school years. Keep up the good work - you are a very exceptional group of kids.
Ken & Pat Hamister
Novi, MI
Saline Fiddlers:
We enjoyed your wonderful performance here at Fox Run on 3/9/08 very much. Your group put on a professional concert that we delighted in hearing and beholding.
In these days when such a high percentage of high school students do not graduate, let alone participate in such disciplined groups, it is a refreshing experience to observe a highly disciplined and talented group of high school students take the time, talent and energy to provide such an uplifting evening.
Thanks for coming to entertain us.
Ken & Pat Hamister
You guys are sooooooo awesome!! I really want to go to your next concert but it's not in Saline! :(