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Guestbook Entries - 2000

Keith Pogan
I really enjoyed your appearance at the MAPPA Conference in Ann Arbor in October. One could hardly keep their feet still!!!
James MacVarish Law
I am a fiddler and composer from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia Canada. I play with the Coast String Fiddlers, we play mostly Scottish Fiddle Music and we would like to share our music with you some time.How old are the members of you group I am 11 and there are 25 in our group the oldest is 18 and the youngest is 9.

Melissa Miller
Hi! You guys rock! I am Cello Player from Wyandotte Roosevelt. We played with you guys today! Thanks for taking the time to come visit us and play your instruments with us.... You guys are awesome!!! once again thanks!!!!
Jim & Annella Aurand
Fayetta Donnelly
William R. Myers
Victor Horvath
My wife and I saw the fiddlers perform at the Holiday Inn, South, in Lansing for the awards banquet for the volunteers of the Regional Ingham Medical Hospital, and we want to congratulate you on the superb performance. We want to wish you continued success.

Vic and Jess Horvath - Grand Ledge, Michigan
Joe Ferris
I am a 1980 graduate from Saline and was very involved with the music program. I still remember when the orchestra program started with Mrs. Froseth, and the day Mr. Phillips came to Saline!!

You are doing a great job of promoting the arts with your talents and make all of us proud that were at one time involved with the music program at Saline.

I highly respect Mr. Phillips and all he has done through his music and talents over the years. He is not only a fine musician but an excellent mentor for all of his students.

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to communicating to the world through the international language of music!!
carmen schedlbauer
can't wait till till Nov 12th!!!!!!
As they say BREAK_ A_ LEG!!!!!!!!
that's for good luck!!!
love Aunt Carmen
Aunt Sue House
What great music from a bunch of talented, musical kids!! Can't wait to hear you kids again on Nov. 4th! Can't wait to see you in your new uniforms.
Optimist Club of Battle Creek
Will contact you about a Concert here in Battle Creek in Sept Or Oct 2000.
I am working with Jack Martin President and I am Vice-President Al Abels.
You can contact me at this e-mail or 616 965-7368.

We really want to do this.
I saw you at the Soo in July. What a show!! Never saw anything like it before.
Beth DeKraai
Keep up the wonderful work! I'm a OLD Bob Phillips student (grad 1990) and it's great to hear about your performances..usually from my parents who can't seem to stop going to orchestra/Fiddler shows!
Just thought I'd show you my other website and business here in the Sault.

I was the one up front taking pictuers during your Sault performance and I will share them with you on my website as soon as I get them posted.

Take care and keep up the great work. It's so nice to see that you kids take such pride in your music and your community as you do. I wish all cities could be as talented and organized as Saline.

Anthony Stackpoole
Soo Locks Festival
You guys were awesome!

The SLF committee can't wait to get you back to Sault Ste. Marie next year.
Stuart Ross
Hi. Im a member of the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra and I would like to say that you play fantastic Music! Keep up the great work!!!
Rythmn Section - YOU ROCK!!!
sandy schroeter
My 10 yr old daughter has always loved the sound of the fiddle and especially likes country fiddlers music. She just bought her first fiddle today and we are trying to find fiddle site url's. We especially are trying to find online free fiddle lessons to enhance her private fiddle lessons she takes starting next week. Please email us any sites that might interest a 10 yr old wantobe fiddler.
By the way I was glad to see that this group is from Michigan. I am also from Michigan and my parents and brothers and sister and their families still live there. I'll be sure to come and hear you perform next year when we return to visit our relatives. thank you.
Sandy and Katy
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P Morris
We enjoyed your program very much when you played at the Livonia, Mi. Civic Library on Mar. 24, 2000. You do a terrific job, keep up the good work. The most entertaining show that we have seen in a long time.
Jim McMicking
My friend and I have become good fans of your music. We especially appreciate the fact that it is a youth activity which is keeping teen agers off the street and at the same time preparing them for a life of enjoyment and in some cases a career.
Lonnie Miles
Great job mom! See you soon. L.K.