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Guestbook Entries - 2007

Suzanne Strohmeyer
Royal Oak Michigan
You're all fantastic. My husband heard you play at the Thanksgiving Day parade and thought I'd like your music so he purchased one of your CD's. I do contra dancing so YES, I love your music. I especially like Lexi's Dance. I've listened to that one at least 200 times! Looking forward to seeing the group perform. I'll be clapping the loudest!
Chris Ogden
Livonia, MI
Just Say Run
Your group is great! I was impressed with your level of skill and performance at the America's Thanksgiving Parade! Keep up the good work & I hope to see you perform again soon!

WDIV Intern
Abbi White-Smallwood
Wow, I'd love to be in a group like this, all my silly school system has is band, but I play cello at home. That would be awesome!
Kate K
East Lyme, CT
Hey Fiddlers! I heard you all did AMAZING at the parade (like always!) Anyway, i'm sorry i couldn't see it, but i guess i just have to see you in February for hometown then! Can't wait.
Miss you all!!
Grand Rapids, Michigan
KriZma Photography
Saw your performance while channel-surfing the Thanksgiving Day parades. Not only was your music a trip (!), I was impressed by your precision and focus as well ... impressed enough to take down your URL!

Keep up the good work!
Silverton, Oregon
I love to fiddle also!!! Great job on TV.

Keep on fiddling!!!
Mary Linda Gauche
Just watched the Channel 4 broadcast of the Thanksgiving Day Parade and was delighted to see your group for the first time. Your youth, energy, and love of what you do clearly was evident. You were a delight and breath of fresh air. I'm a Sweet Adeline in Shoreline Sound Chorus and a member of Just Friends Quartet and feel the same way about our music. Thank you for brightening up my day!
Joe Thompson
Brownstown Twp, Michigan
Hi There!!! I caught your act today before the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit. It was AWESOME!!!! I'm very impressed, and I just wanted you to know I enjoyed it immensely!!!!
More Fiddle!!! :)

Christine Cantrell
Great job on TV at the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade today! I've read about you in the Free Press a few years ago, and it was a delight to hear your wonderful music!

Joyce Hollingshead
Hi, I just got through watching the Thanksgiving Parade, and I just want to thank you for your participation. It thrilled my heart to see so many youth involved and showing our country the beauty of stringed instruments. THANKS!

Joyce Hollingshead
Deaette Dwyer
Lake Orion, Michigan
I saw you on the Thanksgiving Day parade and I think you are all awsome. My little girl is taking celtic fiddle lesons at the Clarkston Conservatory with Catharine and she loves it. She is hoping to one day be a part of your group (she is 9). Keep up the good work.
Jim & Kathy Johnston
Alma, MI
We enjoyed watching you in Detroit's Homecoming Parade today. Please consider performing at the Alma Highland Festival over Memorial Day weekend. You would be warmly received.
Bob Krawchuck
Pontiac, MI
Just finished watching the Saline Fiddlers at the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade November 22, 2007 and all of you are awsome and talented musicians.
Mark Orlowski
Warren, MI
Electric Haze Band
Wonderful. I really enjoyed your performance on TV Thansgiving morning !
hi, we saw you on tv. great job.
Vicki Schiesel
I would like to thank you for your performance at the Hartland Relay for Life. With all the support we have raised $90,000.00 at this point and we still have not had the final count. Everyone that I talked to thought you were amazing and greatly enjoyed the performance. Thank You again.
Vicki Schiesel
Lynne Wilson
John Day, Oregon
GREAT JOB BEN! I also play fiddle and teach. Haven't seen you for years..last time was in Juction City, Oregon at Grandma Culver's......yep, I'm your Aunt Lynne!
Carol and Ralph Miller
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
The Hometown concert on October 20th was outstanding, fantastic and a host of other descriptions. The Fiddlers are excellent performers and show how much they enjoy what they are doing and do it so well.

Our trip from Mt. Pleasant South Carolina, a 1700 mile round trip, was well worth the drive. The only thing that my wife and I could ask for is a tour of the southern states. Charleston, and many other cities, would love the Fiddlers as we do.

Carol and Ralph Miller
Michael Beck
Saline, MI
Great job at the hometown concert! I really liked the new songs, the new arrangements, and especially the new vocal numbers! It was a fabulous performance by a fantastic group of students! Keep up the good work!
Matt Schwartz
I really enjoyed your show today at the Milwood United Methodist church. I'm a big fan of country and bluegrass music with fiddles. Keep up the good work!
Sam F
Quad Cities, Illinois
You Guys ROCK!!!!! I Personally Enjoyed The Duet You Did With Mark O'Connor On Olympic Reel. Anyway, You Guys Are AWESOME!!!!
Bill Bator
Hartland, MI
What a treat to see you LIVE at the Hartland Relay for Life! I especially got a KICK out of that fiddler's sprint around the track during a spirited number by the group...he was really moving! Excellent performance and beaming smiles from all of you guys - come back to next year's Relay in Hartland, pleeeeeeease!!!
Roy & Betty Engelhardt
Sebewaing, MI
We very much enjoyed your recent concert at Unionville-Sebewaing High School. We hope to see you there again.
Kelly Emens
Linden, MI
I just saw your group perform at the Hartland High School Relay for Life event last weekend. You are phenomenal!! I saw you perform there last year also, and loved it! I hope you return again. In the mean time, keep up the good work and keep having fun!
Best wishes,
Kelly Emens
Marie Koziel
Hi fiddlers! Hope all is well. Can't wait to come home and see the hometown show (and play as an alumni - weeeiird)!! Miss you guys! <3
Mrs. Donna Sting
The concert attendees at USA greatly enjoyed your concert yesterday, 9/23. What a wonderful program for the youth in your area. It takes great dedication by both the students and the parents, but the results are fantastic. Congratulations on your successes!
I saw your group perform @ USA Auditorium this afternoon & was absolutely blown away by the incredibe music and talent you ALL have. Dance and song routines added to the overall enjoyment! Your music, to my ear, put me in mind of Mannheim Steamroller with the depth, intensity and energy. Played your CD with dinner 2nite....YUM!
Good luck to you all in the future and hope you come back to Sebewaing soon!
Karen J. Prime
Just wanted you to know what an exciting time I had this afternoon at the concert. What enthusiasm and energy! These kids were just great and the amazing thing is all the talent wrapped up in the fiddlers. This was just awesome and if they are ever in our area again I will not hesitate to see them again.
Monica Y
WOW! You all were so awesome today at the Festival of Forks! I'm so glad I came this year and was able to catch you guys! It was awe-inspiring and I wish you all the best for the future and I hope to see you again!
East Lyme, CT
Hey Fiddlers! I just got the newsletter in the mail today and I didn't remember I would be in it, so that was a nice surprise! I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you, for making my summer as wonderful as it could be and for giving me the memories I will never forget! I absolutely will see you in Febuary for hometown, and thank you for everything! Oh yea, I miss you all so much!!!

Rochester, Michigan
My family had the great pleasure of enjoying your music at the Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio. You are better than outstanding :)
The Muleskinners
Hurley, MS
The Muleskinners Association
Hey, Fiddlers! Being the peak of hurricane season is once again upon us, my thoughts recently turned to you as I remembered the sacrifice of your time and the talents you shared with us on your Katrina Tour. We think of you all very often and are elated to see you doing so well. We shall NEVER forget sharing the stage with y'all....it is still the best time this lil ol' bitty band's ever had!
God Bless! - The Muleskinners (T.J., Donna, Norman and Lori)
Ryan Walker
It's not particularly easy to retain a crowd in Lakeside's 3,000-seat "airplane hangar" in the doldrums of late August. Considering the wide array of talented entertainers Lakeside hosts throughout the summer, the Saline Fiddlers should be commended for an especially captivating performance. And, as a native to the heart of fine bluegrass country, this group knows how to put the soul in folk and bluegrass music. Y'all come on down to the 'noog sometime!
Bill L.
Edgerton, OH
Saw you at Lakeside last night. What a great show! My wife comes from a blue grass performing family. Her uncle was/is a pretty good fiddler. We really enjoyed seeing that many young people performing the art. Thank you for the great time. I'd like to see the picture you took during the performance. Yeeee-Haw!!!!
Margie K.
Lakeside, Ohio
WOW !!! What an wonderful performance at the Lakeside Hoover Auditorium. You all have such great energy........it really shows that you like what you do! Thanks so much for a great evening :)
Kathy & Dave Baker
Canadian Lakes
We really enjoyed the fiddlers as they performed in our "castle" for the 3rd year. What talent and dedication. Hope to see you in '08.
Mary Rzepka
Hey Guys! this is my first time signing the guest book - weird. Anyway I just wanted to say I thought you sounded great at Saline Summerfest and keep up the good work!
Mary Kay Smith
I was one of the brave souls who attended the rain soaked concert Thursday, August 9 at the Amphitheater in Owosso. The Fiddlers were SO entertaining and enthusiastic! We thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Thank you!
Bob W
Owosso, MI
What a great presentation at the Owosso Amphitheater. I hope when you visit us again that it doesn't rain!
Tandy Horton
Owosso, MI
Our family went to the Shiawassee County Fair tonight in Corunna, MI. We heard the Fiddlers and decided to sit for a while and eat our snow cones. We were impressed with all the talent and vigor these kids have. Wow! What a commitment !
May God Bless their venture in life!
Barb & Gary
What a pleasure to have The Fiddlers kick-off this year's Michigan Sunflower Festival in Mayville! Having thoroughly enjoyed last year's performance, we were eagerly awaiting your return. You did not disappoint. Such energy! Such talent! Such contagious enthusiasm! Thank you for another evening of great entertainment.
W. Bloomfield, MI
We saw you at Nardin Park Methodist last night. It was a total joy to attend such a great concert. You are all soo young to be sooo good and you are all good looking too. God bless you all.
Thank you for a delightful evening.
Jackie Priest
Jersey, Channel Islands, UK
I was lucky enough to be on holiday in San Francisco on 3rd July and to see your performance on Pier 39. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was listening to talented young people obviously enjoying their music as much as the audience were. Well done.
Linda Barrie
Ayr, Scotland
Just wanted to stop by and say I was part of the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra's tour in 1995, and remember you guys vividly! Hope you're still keeping up the good work! x
Carol and Ralph Miller
Mt. Pleasant, SC
My wife and I want to THANK YOU for the postcard that was sent to us from San Fransico. I know that everyone must have enjoyed the trip and from all the other comments posted in the guestbook, the people enjoyed your presentation.

My wife and I are looking forward to your Home Town Concert sometime in October. As in the past we will make our trip from Mt. Pleasant ( Charleston ) South Carolina to see your outstanding performance. Maybe someday you will tour the south and stop in Charleston and let the people hear your great music.

Thanks again,
Carol and Ralph Miller
Caseville, MI
I have gone to see you at the Pigeon Bandshell for the past two years. It was so much fun to come back. I recognized most of you, but also noticed a few of the seniors were missing. It's so interesting to see how you have changed as a group. As I left with my mother, I was about to go talk to a few of you and get pictures, but I was too shy. Maybe next year!
Jane Arvidson Panikkar
San Francisco
Dear Fiddlers,
My husband and I were thrilled to be able to attend your Fisherman's Wharf performance in San Francisco. I am a 1999 Saline grad, and have attended many Fiddler concerts over the years. You have come such a long way, and I loved some of the newer selections. My husband and I take walks through Fisherman's wharf all the time, and your performance had the largest and most enthusiastic crowd for any musical group we've seen so far. Keep up the great work! (Say hello to a former student of mine...Jake K...I am so proud of him!)
Sincerely, Jane Arvidson Panikkar
Dan Knittel
Tacoma, Wa.
I saw the show at Genoa, NV. on July 4th 2007 and was just blown away by all of you. It inspired me and it gave me great hope to see young people making so much of themselves, learning how to truly entertain. Keep up this program. The country and the world needs to see more of this and see what is possible. What a huge breath of fresh air it was to watch and listen to you all.
Lydia Ogles
My brother and I were able to play several songs with you guys in Genoa for the 4th, and we just wanted you to know that it was loads of fun, even though we only had about 2 hours to learn the songs =), we both had a blast and we hope you see ya'all again soon in Nevada.
Chris and Kathy Kanous
Grand Rapids, MI
Kathy and I had seen your performance at one of your members graduation parties and were very impressed.
Luck placed us in Los Angeles last week and we took the afternoon to see the group again on the Santa Monica Pier. Again, an outstanding performance. The audience was very much into the music and entertainment.
Travel safe.
Toni Longo
Alameda, CA
You ROCK!!!! A friend from Australia and I had the very happy privilege of being at Pier 39 this afternoon and experiencing your wonderful music! Thank you so much for brightening our day and for making our feet dance! The fiddling, the cloggers and the singers were great! I don't know you, but I'm very proud of you! I pray that the music you make fills your hearts and your souls with much joy and peace!
God bless you!
Sister Toni (and Sister Angela from Australia)
Tad Johnson
Agoura, California
You fiddlers gave us an amazing afternoon of entertainment on the Santa Monica Pier. I hope you had as much fun as we did. We are really enjoying your CD's as well. I'll be looking for you on one of my tours through Michigan. GO BLUE!
John Vettel
Carson City, Nevada
My son, Ryan (age 10), is really looking forward to the July 3rd workshop and the July 4th concert in Genoa, NV. You will really enjoy it, although the latest predictions are for a fairly hot (94 degrees) July 4th.
Beverly White
Ventura Calif.
Awesome.....awesome.........awesome. Oxnard Calif. gig 6/29/07. Come back soon.
The audience was so awed by these talented teens, that we didn't want to let them go at the end of the program. Just spellbinding talent. Hope they will come back next summer to entertain us again. They are to be commended and the adults that help them get to where they are in their lives.
Chris Wild
Ann Arbor
I hope that all of you are currently having fun on tour (I'm jealous). You'd better be playing in tune while you're at it.
Best wishes ~
Dr. D.V. Holliday
San Diego, CA
My wife and I were privileged to attend your concert at the First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach last evening. Your music was uplifting and fun. We were both independently very much impressed with one young lady whose expressions throughout the entire performance made it clear that she was having lots of fun entertaining us. Her instrument is the cello and her name is Sarah. We wish all of you a safe and successful trip throughout California! God bless you all.
Maria Wong
You are all amazing!! I enjoyed your show in Pacific Beach soooo much! Best of luck to all of you. You are an inspiration to young and old : )

God bless
Sharon & Cassie
Westland, MI
Saw you perform at the Livonia Spree this weekend. Thank you for a spectacular performance. My daughter Cassie plays cello and will be attending Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp this summer for 3rd session. Perhaps she'll see some of you there! Keep up the great music!
Dean Johnson
Marquette Michigan
Great show in Marquette, the Saline Fiddlers were fantastic!!! Come back in the future.
I thoroughly enjoyed your concert in our very hot theater on Thursday night. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by your enthusiam, energy, and talent. I wish more of my friends had been there, so please come back, you hear!!
Julius & Sylvia Nagy
Alpena, Mi
S S Marie concert on Wed June 13 was wonderful, listened to the CD on the way back home to Alpena. It is so refreshing to see and hear such talented young people. Thank you for your "wall of sound."
Kris Dionne
Marqette, Michigan
You guys are awesome, saw your concert june 14th and was amazed and totally enjoyed it. It was the best 2 hours I have spent on a hot evening listening to music . Can't wait to listen to the two C.D.s. You guys are fantastic.
thank you so much for coming to marquette.......
Julia and Isabelle
We just wanted to let you know that you guys did a fantastic job! The sound you made was amazing and we hope to hear you again soon! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!
Gail, Alexander & Allegra Knight
We enjoyed your concert in Sault Ste. Marie on 6/13/07. We are looking forward to your next visit. I grew up in Saline and graduated from Saline High in 1958. I took my grandchildren Alexander and Allegra to your concert. Their dad went to Saline High and is now Resident Composer at Oklahoma City University.
David Strickland
Sault Ste. Marie
Thoroughly enjoyed the concert in the Locks Park last evening (6-13-07). I hope that the Saline Fiddlers will be able to return to the Sault sometime in the future for a repeat performance. Great to see all that young talent.
Phyllis Perry
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Just saw the Saline Fiddlers for the first time and was totally blown away by the talent, passion and music bravado of this marvelous group! Yesterday at Rentschler Farm, I took lots of photos and will send them to you separately.
Surat, India
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Kim Lansinger
Lancaster, PA
It was wonderful seeing you all again!! Your energy and enthusiasm on stage was an upliftment to my own students. I appreciate your warm personalities and incredible hospitality. Hopefully, we can return the favor for you in Pennsylvania- and host you all sometime! Best of luck in the future!!
- Kim Lansinger
Music Director
Lancaster Country Day School
Janet Litwaitis
We had a great time at your performance, at Dexter High school.
Grace Pernecky
Ann Arbor
I LOVED all of the songs you played at the concert on St.Patricks day!!!!
Kathy and Steve Schmidt and Family
Uniontown, Ohio
Emily B, Sorry we could not make the Hometown Concert of three weeks ago. You were in our thoughts that weekend. Can't wait to hear how it went.
Robert F. Bradley
L.A. Sylmar, Ca
I have 2 fiddles full size and 3/4 I gave my grand daughter 1/2 size. I play very little. I'm Bob 60 yrs old. I can tune guitars and fiddles. I'm from los Angeles, Ca town Sylmar even tho I don't play I still enjoy fiddling around.
Ralph and Carol Miller
Mount Pleasant, SC
Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! Fantastic Hometown Concert!! It was well worth the 850 miles (one way) we traveled to see it and the frigid temperatures we endured. We tried to bring you some South Carolina weather, but it escaped!

We enjoyed Bearfoot, as well. The whole show was thoroughly enjoyable. You Fiddlers are an extremely talented bunch, and you put on a top notch professional show.

We'll be back, but please do bring your show to South Carolina. You'll find us friendly, and bluegrass/Celtic/folk music will be well received in our neck of the woods!
Good job on your Hometown Show!! It was so fun to see Casey onstage again before he graduates! :)

Nancy & Clem Campbell
Milan, MI
Attended your February 3rd Winter Home Town performance. This was our first time to see you perform and what a wonderful show you put on from the music, singing to the clogging - we were very impressed. You do a great job and the best part is you look like you are really enjoying it and are having fun right along with us. We also enjoyed seeing Bearfoot perform - another good group. Like the gal said - your parents should be very proud of you. Our hats off to you and all the people behind the scene that help make your show a success!! Nancy and Clem
That song brought tears to my eyes, it was wonderful!! Everyone did an amazing job and put on a really good concert! Seniors, you are leaving with the bar set very high and hope nothing but good things come your way! Everyone else, keep up the good work!!! Love you guys!
Sean Ronan
Brownstown Michigan
Ashley O
Can't wait till the concert, not it should be, but it will be an awesome show!!! You guys are so much fun to be around and like i say all the time really talented!!! Love ya!
Thomas J. Moomey
I was very very impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Fiddlers were the best part of First Night in Cadillac. I can't wait to see them again! Thank You So Much For Coming to Cadillac!
Thomas J. Moomey
Cadillac, MI
Hey, I saw you guys perform at First Night in Cadillac the other night. Very impressive!!! Keep up the good work!
I attended your performance at Cadillac First Night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Such energy and enthusiasm. You are the best.
Wishing you many more great performances.
Tom & Bobbi Moomey
The Old Car Guy
Cadillac, MI
We heard you at First Night in Cadillac and wanted to let you know that we think you are absolutely amazing! We hope to hear you again. We are definitely spreading the word about your wonderful music and show.