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Guestbook Entries - 2012

Barbara Price
New Buffalo, MI

I so much enjoyed your performance last Saturday, the 17th of November. The music and performers were filled with enthusiam and made me feel alive and like dancing. Best in the future to you all!!

Sandy Diesness
Holt, MI

We sooooooo enjoyed your show this past Saturday at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Lansing! Never have I seen such enthusiasm or heard such wonderful fiddle music! All of you were just wonderful!! May God bless you all in your travels and keep them smiles on your faces!!

Margaret Zimmerman
Holt, MI

Saw you at the Appreciation dinner at Immaculate Heart Of Mary Parish tonight. You are so amazing, loved every minute of it.

Paul Sweeting
Llyswen near Brecon, Powys, Wales

Just watched your youtube entry. Great stuff!

I'm a member of the Brecon Cathedral Consort singers, an adult choir under the directorship of the cathedral chorus-master, Mark Duthie. We're looking forward to hosting your trip to Brecon in 2013.

Niles, MI

YOU were all so impressive and wonderful at Fernwood. It made for a great afternoon, with you music, smiles, and energy. Thanks for coming to entertain us.

Sandra /Dennis Redman

Thank You all for your wonderful performance today at Fernwood in Niles. We were blown away by the talented young people who were so gracious in answering questions regarding their music. Looking forward to hearing you in the future and keep the music coming.

Nancy Shipman

In August you performed at a benefit for my mom, Nancy Carol Baughey. She was thrilled with that performance. She talked about it for several weeks how wonderful and thoughtful your group was. It is with sadness that I am telling you this as my mom passed away on Friday, 9/07/12 at 7:30pm. Her visitation is Wed 2-4 & 6-8 @ Brown Van-Hemert in Hudson & Service is Thurs @ 1:00. Thank you again for making her feel so special and so happy.

Mary Rzepka

Great job at the Ark last night with Mark O'Connor, everyone!

Alyssa, great job on singing Giliese 581D. I heard you for the first time at the Hometown show in the winter and you were great. Last night was even better. Keep it up - beautiful singing!

Jim and Monna Hilton
Canadian Lakes

What a wonderful evening of musical entertainment last evening. Such talent! The Saline Fiddlers have restored our faith in the youth of today. Thank you Fiddlers. You are the Greatest.

Elayne McCollum
Canadian Lakes

Thanks for a wonderful performance at the Castle at Canadian Lakes - my granddaughter and I enjoyed every minute of your music filled with such enthusiasm and talent !

Deborah Orel
Blissfield, MI

Just saw the group at Sammy Thompson's Plow Day. I was really impressed with the group. High energy and very entertaining. I bought one of the CDs and if I had had enough money I would have bought one of each. I didn't even know this group existed and will definitely be telling my friends and family about this amazing group. They should all be proud. Well done.

Canton, MI

We were lucky enough to have a free, front and center seat to watch the SF perform. The performers are truly energetic and amazing.

We saw their talent on display on Wed. 8/1/12 when they were performing for the Plymouth Music in the Park Summer Series. Our group included children whose ages ranged from 14 to 2 and a good time was had by all!

Thank you for the fun afternoon of entertainment!

Joan and Frank Talaki

We attended your Friday performance in Howell. We are still talking about your great performance. You do your high school and your families proud. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Nancy Shipman
Adrian, MI

I very much enjoyed your concert saturday July 21st in Hudson, MI for benefit of Nancy Baughey & Pam Deck. The young people are an example of "good news" dressed modestly, smiles galore! Wonderful time. So glad I was there.

Barb Matyas

Wow. You were fabulous in Howell Friday night.

The kids were great but the teacher is the greatest. Imagine spending your time teaching them to create such beauty

Randy & Susan Eilders
Hudson, MI

We had a great time listening to you all in Hudson!! Thanks for coming!! What a treat especially Orange Blossom Special!!

Ralph & Marilyn Scherler
Brighton, MI

Enjoyed your concert at Howell last nite. Very entertaining. Come back any time! Thanks, Ralph and Marilyn Scherler

Hartland, MI

Really enjoyed your concert this evening in Howell. You guys are fantastic!

Jim W. Frazier
Brighton, MI

We went to your concert tonight in Howell and we were blown away. Keep up the great work and we look forward to coming to another concert soon.

Maureen Wolak
Howell, MI

We really enjoyed your concert tonight in downtown Howell. Such talented young people. Truly a delight. Please come back to Howell again!

Debi and Dennis Pellar
Fenton, MI

WoW!!! That was the fastest 1.5 hours of my life!!! I simply cannot believe that that was a free concert and it was our incredible honor to put a donation in your hat. We will be ordering your CDs soon. In the meantime, I have posted your website on my FB wall and am emailing everyone I know about your concert in Howell tomorrow night. Thank you for each one of you shining so brightly in a world that is often very far from that. Each one of you has left a permanent impression on me and I will simply never forget your performance tonight. What a treasure you are. It horrifies me to remember that we almost stayed home because of the rain!

Thank you again and again.
Debi Pellar

Linden, MI

Great concert in Fenton tonight! Loved the variety of music and the talented musicians! We will come again!

Marietta Brooks
Ann Arbor

Saw the fiddlers at University Hospital today. What an AWESOME performance! It is so very wonderful to see young people doing something positive! It looked like they were enjoying the music and performance as much as the audience was!

Robert Monn
Lawrenceville, GA

Saw you in Duluth GA and was quite impressed. Great show. My son really enjoys the CD we bought. I hope you make it back to the Atlanta area again soon.

Debbie Vigh
Elkins, WV

Caught your show tonight at the D&E Auditorium--- you all are crazy talented and just delightful to watch. Wasn't sure my 6 year old would hang in for the length of it (with 9 p.m. being her usual bedtime), but when I asked her about leaving during your set break, she answered, "No WAY, Mom! I want to stay and see that rock star guitarist!" (Eric, the bass player). :) New fans in all of us here, and thanks for a really wonderful show. Best to you all.

Hal & Donna James
Georgetown, SC

This is a "DON'T MISS SHOW". We really enjoyed watching these young adults put on a fantastic show. Lots of energy and the kids could not hide the fact that they were having a great time performing. Their hard work and dedication have blessed them with a great talent. Hope you'll get back to the area in the near future.

Donna Luna
Georgetown, SC

I saw the group last night at Winyah Auditorium and you all had such talent and energy. I saw the passion in many of your faces as you performed and thoroughly enjoyed your playing, singing and dancing. Awesome!

Joe Blades
Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Saw your show last night with my wife and some friends in Georgetown, SC

Fabulous show, fantastic music and an outstanding group of young men and women.

Your parents and school must be very proud. Thanks!

Charles & Ethel Siau
Holly Hill, SC

Attended your Georgetown, SC concert was very impressed with all the talent of these young people. God Bless You.

Bonnie Peck
Pawleys Island, SC

Attended your concert in Georgetown, SC last evening. The house was sold out. Your talent is amazing, this is one of the BEST concerts that I've ever attended. The variety of the music, confidence in your speakers and singers were perfect for an evening of entertainment. Hopefully we will see you back in our area soon. Best wishes and good luck to each of you to continue bringing enjoyment to the world.

Carole and Roger Smith
Grass Lake, MI

We saw your show last night and want to tell you we haven't enjoyed a live music so much in a long, long time. We will definitely see your shows again whenever they are in the area, and I am buying CDs. The energy and enthusiasm and quality of music was fantastic. Bless you all!!!

Carol Brokke-Jordan
Grass Lake, MI

I saw you perform last night at the Dale Fisher Gallery in Grass Lake, and not knowing what to expect have to say I was blown away! The entire show was wonderful from beginning to end, and went home smiling with plans to see you again as soon as I can. Good luck on tour!

Wanda Blair
Grass Lake, MI

Just attended your Grass Lake concert @ Dale Fishers, your group is terrific hope to be able to attend the one at U of M in July.

Denise White
Mundy Township

My granddaughters and I watched you perform last night in Swartz Creek. We loved the performance. You did such a wonderful and lively performance, it kept a 6 and 5 year old totally captivated the whole time. They danced and sang right along with you. It brought back memories of my grandfather as he was a fiddler player too. This was their first outdoor performance and they are already talking about going back next week. You have fans for life, keep up the excellent work.

Wally and Diane Roberts
Clio, MI

We enjoyed your concert at Swartz Creek this evening. Bought a CD and will continue to enjoy your music. Thanks for being there, it was a pleasure watching and listening to your group.

Rachel Bonds

You all did a FAB-U-LOUS job at the CD Release concert on Friday night! The energy was contagious and the music continues to get better and better everytime I hear it. The passion that you put into your performances makes me miss being in Fiddlers. :) Keep up the good work and have fun!

Michael Anderson
Ball Ground, GA

We are thrilled y'all will be coming to Canton Georgia in late June.

Sheila K. Pedersen
Belleville, MI

The Saline Fiddlers did an awesome job Saturday for my husband's retirement party. In attendance was Congressman John Dingell and his wife Debbie, the mayor of Saline Gretchen Driskol, UAW Region 1A director Rory Gamble and lots of other folks would sang your praises all night long!

You all made Jim's party a huge success.


Bob and Betsey Thomas
Radford, VA

Saw a 2005 video on local access TV channel, recorded in Rocky Mount, VA, we think. Wonderful to watch! Great kids playing great music with flair and enthusiasm - wish you were coming to our area again!

Tom B. Anderson
Lapeer, MI

Thank you for coming to a small venue like ours. It looked a little cramped up on stage, but we really enjoyed the show. The idea behind the program seems great. Good Luck.
Tom B. Anderson

Carol Potter
Lapeer, MI

Just saw this wonderful talented group in my hometown of Lapeer. My husband and I saw you in Pigeon, MI a couple of years ago. Enjoyed it tonight as much as the first and look forward to seeing them the next time.

William Porter
Lapeer, MI

Just got back from this evening's performance at the Pix. Wonderful, incredible, unbelievable - all of the above. What a house full of talent we enjoyed this evening. I wish each of you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. And kudos to your Director and support group that made this evening an extremely enjoyable event.

Dixie Roy Andres
Blissfield, MI

Hi Saline Fiddlers! I first saw you with my little girls a couple years ago and you really inspired them. Keep up the great work and I wish you many success stories ...you are a great inspiration to young musicians. I hope your example will inspire more programs all over to keep music alive in our schools. Many blessings to you ... Fiddlin' Dixie

Clarkston, MI

THANK YOU for coming to Clarkston United Methodist Church today! What a fun afternoon! Couldn't help grinning and toe-tapping the whole concert! Loved seeing your energy, your talent, and the FUN you're having making music together! Thanks, again, for sharing your time and talents with us!