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Guestbook Entries - 2001

Ira Gutzeit
Lafayette Hill, Pa
The music was awesome. From chamber music I wish to develope technique. Suggestions.

I teach "Suzuki". How many of you started same?


Stephen Beckmyer
Roberts Creek
I am from the coast string fiddlers, a group for the sunshine coast that plays mostly Celtic, but some old time fiddle. (Especialy since you came)

Thank you for coming and playing for us and opening our camp.You guys were great!

Thanks for the clock and the C.D.

doing a great job
i would like to say that ana o. is has the best rythmn i have ever heard.. she also has an amazing voice that is phenomonal, she should defiantly sing more.....GO FIDDLERS! AND GO ANANANANANA!
Kristen Rogers
u guys r awesome!!
Saline, MI
Dear Fiddlers,

Hi! you guys are teriffic! all my life i've been wanting to be like u guys! i'm in fifth grade and just started the violin this year. i'm hoping to stick with it and become just like u!

Hey Y'all, I got 2 of your CDs and I havn't been able to stop listnen' to em since. Mom's about to rip the stereo out of my room.

I would love to work with you on promotion using RodeoNetwork.com. I think the Rodeo World would be very interested in your music.

Keep them fiddles on fire and I hope to hear from y'all soon.

AIM/YAHOO: RebelCowboy403
ICQ: 35221909

Jonaton Reese
RodeoNetwork.com - Owner
Katy Lowe
Your site is delightful! We have only recently learned about your group and will certainly be attending as many performances as we can.
Joan Matthews
Love the new look of the website. And love the GREAT new picture of the whole group.
Casey Lee
James Tapia
What a great page! I enjoyed getting all of the latest news and info regarding the ensemble! I am excited that you are going to perform at MIDWEST and know that you will all be the talk of the town in CHICAGO. Best wishes to you in your preparations!


James Tapia
I am an author of "Behind the Stained-Glass Window." Check out my website if you have time. I just happened to hear the Saline Fiddlers' on Channel 11 in Toledo, Ohio. My husband and I really enjoyed the music. We liked how everyone kept smiling, the movements of the players while fiddling, and the outfits were great! Very upbeat!
Elaine Rice
I had the pleasure of watching you perform at the Kiwanis Convention at the Ypsilanti Marriott in August and you kids are an awesome group!! Great job. I want to make contact with whoever is in charge of your bookings to see if there is anyway we can get you to Albion for a Chamber of Commerce/Community event. It is so nice to see young people involved in something so positive and uplifting. Thanks!!
I attended your concert at the PIX in Lapeer, MI. There were 7 in our group. The concert was TERRIFIC. YOU ARE TERRIFIC.
Donna Cook
I saw you a few years ago at the Britton-Macon high school for a benefit concert for a local family. I was very impressed!! I am a twin, my twin & I had a set of twins with us and there were a few twins in the group at the time. They were only 2 or 3 at the time and loved your concert so much that they got off the bleachers and danced during the performance. We then saw you at Mackinaw Island on the 4th of July (same year?) with the twins and their mom. Keep up the awesome job; I can tell you love what you do.
Sally Wills
Hi! I saw you perform at Kendalville, IN on Labor Day weekend. You kids are something else! Wonderful! Excellent! You all smile and act like you are having so much fun. What a great group of kids. My mom and I talked with Claire and two of her girlfriends at a food vendor while waiting to order our food. So polite and friendly. We bought the "Better Than Bingo" cd and listened to it on our two-hour drive home. Keep up the good work! I hope I will have the pleasure of seeing you again sometime.
Todd Parker
I saw the Fiddlers at the Kiwanis Convention and was absolutely amazed! And on top of that, "When you say nothing at all" was performed, which is my favorite romantic song. It was a fabulous show. My hat is off to all the performers.. Long live the Fiddlers!!
Sharon Hile
We attended the concert on the courthouse lawn in Howell last night, we were very impressed with the performance. It is nice to see such a large group of teens doing something positive and looking like they are enjoying themselves. Being a Howell Band Booster I also understand the work that is involved in supporting a group so hats off to the director and all of the parents of the performers as well! It takes a whole group working together to present such a professional performance, that was truly enjoyed by many last night. Thank you and best wishes for future success.
Bill &Mary Jane Mon
Saw the Fiddlers at the Courthouse Concert in Howell tonight. What a wonderful treat! Gives one hope for the future of this great country! As I looked around at the audience, made up of old folks, middle aged folks, young kids dancing, dogs playing and everyone tapping their feet, I couldn't help think that this was a modern-day Norman Rockwell moment. I thank Bob Phillips for that, and I thank all the wonderfully-talented kids. It was an evening I'll think about a lot. Best wishes!
Joan Matthews
And I am Sally's PROUD grandma! Her grandpa and I attend all the Fiddlers' concerts we can and they are more exciting and put on an even better show every time we see them! Great work from a great bunch of kids.
Sue Bucher
Another of Sally's aunts. We got to host some of the kids at our home near Seattle when the group came west to the Calgary Stampede. They played at the Seattle Center and at a beautiful resort hotel in Blaine before heading into Canada and were absolutely wonderful. Polished, poised and having a fun time up there, too. I wish I could go to high school all over again - in Saline!
Love, Aunt Sue
Herb Magnusson
My wife and I had the pleasure of being present at your performance in Calgary, Ab. on July 4/01. Teriffic!!
Tom Williams
We greatly enjoyed your concert at Roberts Creek School when you visited the Sunshine Coast. Thank you for the C.D. and clock you gave our family. We enjoyed getting to know Stephanie and Kristen. Hope the rest of your tour went well.
Keep up all the hard work. You are bringing happiness to many people.
Bob and Mary Kelly
HEY SIGGY!!! you're the best and you know it. have fun fiddling and in calgary over the 4th of July. Go Saline Solutions!! Miss you much.
Alice Langford Young
Hey guys! It's great to know people are promoting fiddlin' out there. Having grown up around Texas breakdown fiddlin'. Keep me posted on any happenings.

And if you're down Texas way, stop in at Johnnie High's Country Music Revue at the Arlington Music Hall in Arlington, Texas!

Bob & Lynda Warner
Hi You Guys!
You were just great at the WMBGMA Mayfest at Revenna. We were happy to have performed there and been able to see you perform. I hope Phil works with my bass spoons.
Love you guys,
Bob the clogger
Hi! I love your website and your music! I have made a link to it on the Frog Island page of The Ark's website since you'll be appearing on Sunday the 24th of June. I notice that you don't have Frog Island listed on your performance schedule on the site.
see you soon...all the best, Kate
CLAIRE-I am very proud of you, my granddaughter---It is amazing to me to hear her playing the VERY SAME fiddle tunes my own grandfather played and sang for me in the early 1930's!! It is as though CLAIRE is reaching back across 4 generations to touch her Great-Great-Grandfather. I KNOW he would be proud of her!!!
Sandi Plourde
Bob Huntley
Looking forward to being able to schedule you back to Coldwater soon.
Linda Koivisto
I am Sally's proud aunt! My family and I attended the winter concert and fell in love with the Fiddlers' sound. We live in Rockford MI and we look forward to seeing them again soon, in Ravenna. You guys are wonderful- so professional, polished, young, and full of talent.
Keep up the great job!
Sheryl LaFayette
John & Ruth Trombley
We watched the last concert from the Kennedy Center and really enjoyed it. I was not able to get it on the night it was performed, but picked it up from the archives. We are the proud grandparents of Kate and the fact that she is involved with so many talented musicans only increases our pleasure.
Keep up the good work!
John & Ruth Trombley
Ann Dionne
All the way from Boston. Great Show enjoyed it just as much as last year. Love your CD.
Tiffany Aarons
I think it is wonderful to see young people doing something so special with their Lives. You are special.
Dianne Patlewicz
What a talented group you are! I saw you at the Rochester library last November and can't wait to see you again in Saline on Feb. 2-3. I'm bringing a few friends so we can all do some toe-tapping!

Keep up the great work - you go over and beyond the representation of today's youth in the music world.
Karen & Spence China
Very nice. We were looking for more information about viewing your performance on 1-21-01. So far we havn't located the live Internet Broadcast @6pm Eastern, yet. We'll keep trying.