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Guestbook Entries - 2006

Jack & Lori Sizemore
Royalton Ky.
A good looking gang. Wish I was There to see you all!
Ralph Miller
Mt. Pleasant, SC
My wife and I can't wait to see your Hometown Concert on February 3rd. The both of us are sure that the performance of Bearfoot will also please the people attending. We hope that there will be a combined performance of both groups which I am sure will also please the audiance.

I am sure that Bearfoot will be very impressed with the Fiddlers. Our entire family, four children and eight grandchildren. enjoys your music and they are all receiving your latest CD as part of their Christmas presents.

Lets hope that there isn't any snow storm as we are traveling from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Keep up the good work and we will see you February

Carol and Ralph Miller
ashley o
Hey, just wanted to say YOU GUYS ROCK! There are some really talented people in the group and i love to hear you guys play! Awesome concert (i'm a little late on that!) and good job at the Teen Arts Festival, you sounded great! Keep up the good work!
Donna Brown
Canton, Ohio
Just wanted you to know how proud I am of the group of teenagers my granddaughters are with in The Fiddlers! Every concert I have attended I have thoroughly enjoyed. You are an inspiration and restore my faith in tomorrow!
Hey Fiddlers! Great job at the Hometown Show. Everyone looked and sounded awesome. I'm looking forward to the February show and anything in between. Remember, have fun and smile ESPECIALLY when the times are bad. Make fun of it, that always helped me :) peace
Attended the show today - looked and sounded great! Keep it up!
Beverley Geltner
Ann Arbor
You are all THE BEST! I can't believe such professionalism is achieved by the Saline Fiddlers! No wonder everyone raves about all of you. I'm so proud and grateful for the joy you bring to all who have the privilege to see and hear you. MANY THANKS!

Beverley Geltner, Superintendent of Schools
Deanna Swan
We are good, close friends with Hannah B. Go Hannah!!! I am sooo proud of her. I have seen such a wonderful difference in her. It's great!! We try to see her at various functions in the area.
SALINE! however, now it's moorhead, mn
hey everyone!!!

i just wanted to let everyone know that if you go to www.youtube.com and search "saline fidders" that a video comes up from cadillac's first night, which features a large section of fiddlers performing.

i miss you all terribly and i'm sorry i can't make it back for hometown, you guys are gonna rock! best of luck. oh yeah, and if you feel like taking a tour of minnesota, that'd be cool.
Gene Edwards
Evans, GA
My brother saw the Saline Fiddlers in concert last summer in Huron County, MI. He talks about how superb your music is every time I talk to him.
Aubrey Martinus
Granger, Indiana
Hey fiddlers!!!
Well, it sounds like you are doing awesome, and I can't wait to hear you at the Hometown Concert!!! I'm so excited to see you all again, and I know you guys are going to sound amazing!! I miss you all very much, and can't wait to return!!! See ya soon!!!
Ashley O
I soooooo can't wait till your concert, it's going to be totally sweet!!! Good Luck
Lathrup Village
Thoroughly enjoyed your performance Saturday. You are an exceptionally talented group of young individuals. You made my day...Brian
Lisa and Robert Brunswick
I saw you guys on television the other day and thought that you were really cool. I wish my high school had a program such as this when I was growing up. Have fun.
Nicole Swan
You guys rock I would also like to say hi to my BFF Hannah B you are so good I knew you would make it into the Fiddlers keep up the great work love ya.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
moorhead, mn
hey sillys,

how's everything? i saw the new homepage picture, i miss the old silly one. when i saw kelsey with the dobro i laughed. a lot. it's a bummer i won't be there for the hometown show, but if you guys get a dvd of it, someone should send it to me. that, and millish totally rocks. i'm a dj on the campus radio station, and parachute man was the first song i played.

hope everything's amazing, you guys are totally sweet. send my peace and love.
Ashley Ortman
You guys are amazing! Ben does an awesome job with the group and i can't wait to see you guys in concert this year! P.S. that guy, Jacob K., is really hott!
Jenny Nothaft
Hartland, Michigan
I saw the the Fiddlers at a graduation party for Brad L. We were impressed. We could not believe these kids were high school students. Keep up the good work. You are astonding!
Mark Ferris
Saw your concert uptown at Union school. Great.
Pam TerBush
I so enjoyed your concert in Mayville during our Sunflower Festival in July. Your enthusiasm and genuine love of the music was incredible! The two hour concert was wonderful and I love the CD. Thank you so much!
Catherine Davis
Enjoyed your concert Satuday August 19. You have a great sound. What a wonderful group of young adults. You have gained a new fan. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Jerry & Cathy Davis
William Reed
Hanover Mi.
Just experienced your show at Jackson! wow!! I dont know what I expected, but was rewarded by at least ten times that. Your performance was outstanding, you are all extremely talented and obviously enjoy your music. Keep it up. I go to a fair amount of musical events and I must say that the last one to move me like that was a Rolling Stones concert. Each one of you have what it takes to go as far in the music business as you want to. Remember one thing and that is how fortunate you are to have a school (and parents) that back you and allow you to express yourselves with such wonderful musical creation. Hot Off the Fiddle is resting in my favorites collection with some pretty famous names and I expect it will remain there for a very long time. Looking forward to seeing you all in person again. Until then "happy trails."

Bill Reed
Hal Hultman
Wayne, MI
Wow! Your performance tonight in the City of Wayne blew me away. I had heard many good things about your group, but I was surprised when I saw how many performers were on hand. I was expecting a 4 piece group, perhaps a cello and 3 violins. You now have a new fan that will be spreading the word to friends and co-workers. Saline Fiddlers Rock!!! Thanks for coming to Wayne. Please come back soon.
Gerry Anger
Walled Lake, MI
I saw you and heard you play this past week-end at the Milford Memories event. I was amazed at your performance. I bought your latest CD and will try to catch another performance. I've never seen kids have so much fun playing an instrument. Keep up the good work.
Ashley Munro
Commerce Twp, MI
Wow i was so excited to see the Saline Fiddlers. I too play the violen and i practice a lot. My orchestra teacher says i am one of the four best players in my grade. I love the Saline Fiddlers. I also want to join the Saline Fiddlers, I heard of the Fiddlers when i went to the Milford Memories. You all are so great, I'm only 12 though, almost 13.
Sue West
I heard the Saline Fiddlers in Milford this weekend. So impressive! I just loved your performance. What a great group of kids!
Jeanette Prey
Milford, MI
We saw your show at Milford Memories today and we were so impressed! I want to move to Saline just so my son can try out for the group! What an amazing talented group of young adults!
Jennie Prey
Gerri Harris
Owosso, MI
My Mom and I saw you at the Shiawassee County Fair in August and you gave an exceptional show. Full of energy and fun. Hope we get to see you again sometime.
Dan & Carolyn Fox
Roseville, MI
We've attended Cadillac's First Night since 2000. Their collection of talent is good but was enhanced this past year by your company. The room was so crowded, we could only enjoy from the hallway but even that blew us away!
What a surprise when we began our week of camping in Mackinaw City to see you were there to "greet" us. We shared you with our friends and they were equally impressed. The 'fiddler' in our e-mail address is our daughter (now married) who we're still trying to get to one of your appearances. We're all big fiddle/Celtic fans. And that makes us big Saline Fiddler fans. Thanks for the fun of watching YOU have fun.
Elin Frietsch
Whitehall, MI
Thank you for wonderful music. I am from Norway and have not heard fiddlers in so long. I was a folk dancer and fiddlers usually play our dance music. Maybe next time I go to one of your concerts you will play some music from Norway.
Dale and Gwen Perz
Caro, MI
We saw your show in Bay City on July 19th and really enjoyed ourselves. We were very impressed by the professionalism shown and very very impressed with the talent displayed.The amount of preparation work and practice has really paid off.
Thanks again for a lovely evening.
Paul White
I saw you all at the Mayville Sunflower festival and was so thrilled and excited to see you all on stage...thrilled and excited about the music you were playing. What a great show!! You all should be really proud of the work you're doing and the fun you're having!!
shirley larose
mayville mi
My daughter and I were at your performance on July 21, 2006 at Mayville High School. Fantastic show from beginning to end. Your group has unparalled music ability and showmanship. Best of luck to all of you, and keep up the great work!!!
Gale Langford
Mayville, Michigan
Fiddlers' performance at the Mayville Sunflower Festival was AWESOME and WONDERFUL! Enjoying one of your CDs as I write. Wish the turnout had been better. Hope they can bring you back on a night when there's no conflict with bed races, mini-tractor pull, Eagles Las Vegas night, and Mayville vs Kingston alumni football game (away this year) on the same night and time. Hope all the students have great careers in music or entertainment if that's a goal.
Thanks for a great time!
Jerry Thomas
Montague, MI
We watched your concert last Tuesday for the WLCA and were truly impressed! It is great to see so many young adults in one place at one time with a purpose in life....and enjoying what they're doing. They are truly an inspiration to their generation. And a 3.75 GPA....Incredible!!
Margaret Bird
Bay City
My husband and I immensely enjoyed your concert in Bay City last evening. We are both retired high school teachers, and we are very impressed with the quality of your performance. It is obvious you have been well trained and you are well disciplined. You are a credit to your parents, your teachers, and your community.
Kermit W. Kranz
Auburn, MI
The Fiddlers' performance in Bay City on July 19 was just wonderful! I enjoyed every piece, whether instrumental or vocal, very, very much. I especially appreciated your renditions of the works with which I was familiar, "Hoe Down" and "Orange Blossom Special". It was very cool the way other recognizable tunes were inserted along the way. They only enhanced the context. I felt if I could watch enough live performances, the unique personality of each musician would shine through, and that would serve to make the union of their talents even stronger. I don't know for sure I could stand that! Please continue to shine so bright! I hope to see and hear much more of you.
Michele Hunter
My sister and I saw you last night at the Montague Bandshell and I have to say that you were FABULOUS!!!!!!!! What an amazing group of students! I could have sat there forever and listened to you. The whole time, I have to keep reminding myself that you are all high school students. You are all so talented and I feel honored to have been there to watch you perform!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!
Beatrice Kurkjian
Canadian Lakes, MI
Just want to say how much we enjoyed having the Fiddlers at Canadian Lakes and for the pleasure of hosting some of the players. It was a great joy and they are a wonderful group of players sharing their talents with the communities. Thank you very much.
Mary Ann Stillwell
Cheboygan, Mi
I saw your concert at Mackinaw City. It was great. Hope you come back there next year. I only live 16 miles west of Mackinaw City.
Bob & Andrea Boehm
Canadian Lakes
The most energetic and awsome performance we've seen in a long time. It was absolutely incredible. We had 3 of the girls stay with us overnight while in Canadian Lakes and we wish it could have been longer because they were so warm and friendly. So sorry we didn't have more time. Next time maybe the performance could have been earlier so we could have gone tubing and skiing more.
The Tatsak's & Minnie Connolly
Canadian Lakes
Thank You for the wonderful afternoon!!!!
We purchased two C.D.'s and are enjoying your music again today. Please come back to C.C. we loved having you all.
Sam & Kay Coomes
Stanwood, Michigan
It was awesome to hear the Fiddlers play at our Castle in Canadian Lakes. Sam & I enjoyed having Brad, Scott, Dan, and Andrew. All four were just great.
Casey Guthrie
Bellaire, Michigan
I was fortunate to witness first-hand the musical brilliance of the Fiddlers at Alpenfest in Gaylord, Michigan. The energy, musical mastery, and overall sound was something I have never seen nor heard before. The entertainment value was priceless. The tightness of the group was evident. I tip my hat to all members of the Fiddlers and wish all of you continued success and best wishes for the future. God Bless all of you!! Shelli, Adam, and Casey Guthrie
Ann Bucher
Renton, Washington
The last time I saw the fiddlers it was so much fun, especially the dancing. And, of course I loved watching my cousin Sally perform.
Doug & Marlene Gregerson
Canadian Lakes, Michigan
We saw your performance today at Canadian Lakes. We cannnot say enough about it, it was just so great, we enjoyed it so much, and would like to see you perform again. We would like our whole family to see it. God Bless You All.
The Gregersons
Canadian Lakes
Loved your show. High energy! Great music. Amazing improvisations! Beautiful girls. Handsome guys. Highly entertaining.
Kudos to your teachers!
Cleveann Wolf
We thought your group was just fantastic at last night's performance on the Alpenstage. The energy and musical talents were superb. We hope you will "come back to Alpenfest". In our opinion you were the highlight of this year's event. Thanks so much for coming.
Gordon Long
Gaylord, MI
Great show tonight!!! I am your Casey's uncle. You are a very talented group!!!
Norman Cupit (Muleskinners)
Wade, Mississippi
As TJ said, "HOLY MOLY!" You younguns sure know how to crank up a crowd. Meeting yall and playing on the same stage has to rank right up there with Vienna sausage and sardines in my book. We hope and pray to get to see all of you again soon.
Take care and watch out fer gators.
We had the pleasure of taking the Saline Fiddlers out on our boat into the Pasgagoula swamp and got to see their show that night with the Muleskinners and it was the best show that I have ever seen. My prayer is that I hope these kids know what a blessing they were to us on the Mississippi Gulf coast. May God bless each and everyone of them.
Capt. Lynn McCoy
Benny McCoy
Lucedale, Mississippi
I just want to Thank the Saline Fiddlers for all that y'all done here in Mississippi. You will never know how much it means to all of us that were able to hear your performances. Your music truly lifts the spirit. What a great bunch of young adults. It was a blessing to be able to meet and spend a little time with y'all on the river. I will not soon forget you all. Your City and State should be very proud of all of you. I hope I have the chance to see you all again oneday. Until then I will buy a new cd when I wear this one out. God Bless You All !
jynna sword
so i was just watching public access and seen your group perform...let me tell you, you guys (and gals) are awesome...not my kind of music but you really bring it! i wanted to let you know that if your interested in 3 cello players that know how to rock out listen to apcolyptica...they started off as a cello group covering metallica songs but progressed to their own music....check it out! keep up the good work and im sure you all will go far :)
Andrew G. Jackson
Ocean Springs, MS
What a wonderful an exciting presentation you did at the Caswell Springs United Methodist Church on the 23rd of June 2006.
Gary Simmons
Atglen PA
Very much enjoyed the concert at Westminister Presbyterian Church in Gulfport. Wife and I are enjoying the CD. Blessings to you. Gary Simmons, P O Box 40, Atglen PA 19310
Bijan Tahghighi
St. Louis, Missouri
You guys were awesome. I like how you put square dancing and tap dancing into your performance. The whole time i thought u guys were amazing. Hope you come back to St. Louis and play again.
Royce Cumbest
Moss Point, MS
We really enjoyed the performance at Caswell Springs UMC. Thanks for thinking about the folks here on the Gulf Coast.
Thank you guys so much for playing in Biloxi! That was amazing!!!
Tanner Frevert
Verona WI
I saw you guys in Biloxi and you were amazing. Your Bass Player was so good and your drummer was Awesome. I like Brian's Voice.
D.N Sherrell
Moss Point, Mississippi
Enjoyed your performance very much at the Caswell Springs Methodist Church. Alot of great talent sure was nice to watch. Y'all come back now
Andrew G. Jackson
Ocean Springs, MS
Just went to your Katrina tour show at Caswell Springs Methodist Church and I must say you were amazing. I was dumbfounded to find such a large group that plays the same instrument be so synchronized as you were. "Gogetum"
Dr. Brandon
As always, I enjoy the Saline Fiddlers immensely; I just finished listening to the New CD, which I recently purchased. The Fiddlers are a very innovative fiddling group, integrating into traditional fiddle music modern music and modern sounds including drums, electric guitars, and other like instruments that are not traditionally associated with fiddle music. Not only does it demonstrate the sucess of this musical integration, but the New CD also captures the Fiddlers' enthusiasm for the music they play and the fun they have while playing it. All of the Fiddlers' music is pleasing to listen to, and it has considerable enlightening qualities, which can be said especially of the Jesse Mason tunes, my favorite of which is of course Mason's Ape Ron (which I would have liked to see on the New CD, but the other music more than makes up for this deficiency). I look forward to witnessing the Saline Fiddlers continue their innovation in the future, and I anticipate more great things to come from this extraordinary group.
Chuck Chapman
Thanks very much for coming to Detroit Receiving Hospital for an afternoon concert. My co-workers and myself enjoyed your performance very much and look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future. We were astounded to learn that your group is made up of high school students. A big way to go and job well done to each and every one of you ,continued success in all you do!!!
Margaret Jacobs
Keep up the good work!
u r really good
Greg & Gail
Can't wait to have you back at camp again this year.....We enjoy you kids so much and look forward to seeing you every year.....God Bless and Keep up the good work....See you in a couple of months.....
Sounds like a great group of people. I have heard this is a great group of musicians. I am looking forward to your next visit to West Michigan.
Kirsten and Megan
We love Banjos!!
Nancy and Eric Erwin
We watched you perform this evening at Child's Elementary and you were fantastic! What an energetic, talented group of performers! Music is such a wonderful part of life - keep it up!
jesse knickerbocker
hi jacob
Nancy & Bruce Tyree
East Jordan, MI
Thank you for an outstanding performance! You all demonstrated wonderful talent and enthusiasm during your performance in East Jordan, MI on April 30th.!! You truly are an inspiration to all youth!! Keep up the great work and thank you again for all of your hard work, dedication and commitment to music! We look forward to seeing you again at the East Jordan Auditorium!!!!!
Michael Kessler
Niles, Michigan
Had the opporitunity to witness your awesome group in Charlevoix Mi April 29th. Very impressed with the professionalism shown by the members, and even with the wind knocking down the mics they kept going and adapted. Purchased a CD and listened to it several times on my way home. As a member of the MFEA Foundation Board, I want to Thank You for attending our event.
Alice and Dave Davey
Grand Rapids, MI
WOW!!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent. We were attending a Dixieland Jazz weekend at the Terrace Inn in Bay View (Petoskey) and topped off a wonderful weekend of music with the Saline Fiddlers in East Jordan. Good luck on your upcoming mission trip to Mississippi.
Alice and Dave Davey (Grand Rapids, MI)
Georgia McKenney
East Jordan
Went to your show this afternoon in East Jordan. Wonderful! Loved your version of 'Wipeout.' What a bundle of talent in this group!
Donna Bennett
East Jordan, MI
I just had the opportunity to hear you perform at the East Jordan Community Auditorium. You were great....very talented and energetic. Good luck to you all wherever you go in life.
I have seen your performances at the Michigan Festival and Events Convention and at the Oh These Irish Hills! Festival. What a thrill it is to see you. I was sorry to miss the performance at the Taste of the Irish Hills on the March 18, But I heard it was a smashing success. You are all an inspiration to Kids to be great and excel in music. Keep up the good work.
Ann Esterbrook
I'm a member of St. Paul UCC in Saline and had the privilege of attending your lively performance at our church on March 26. Wonderful job! Thanks. Blessings to you as you travel to the Gulf Coast for Katrina Relief.
T.J. Golson
Hurley, MS
The Muleskinners Association
Hi! Norman Cupit tells me you guys are coming down to the Gulf Coast to provide some much need "pep" to the efforts! We are all looking forward to hearing the group! God Bless and Safe Travels!

T.J. Golson
Grace Hinson
Tipton, Irish Hills
Your performance at the St. Joseph's Shrine Hall on Sat, March 18th, was so spectacular!! Your group of young adults was just inspiring & heartwarming. What proud parents & teachers you must all be! You rejuvenate our hopes for the future of our world, that your music & performances bring to the surface, the excellence music can offer to each of us. All of us aren't talented in this venue & depend on brillant individuals like yourselves, to share that with us! You shared that joy spread through generations of Grandparents, Middle Age, Young adults, to toddlers. Each of us were stomping our feet & clapping our hands. Well done & we will be looking forward to future performances! (Not to mention your CD!) Sincerely, Grace
I had the time of my life at your Hometown Concert. Yours and the Sam Bush concert were the best performances I've ever seen....I could have listened to Bush for hours. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to young people everywhere I'm sure.
I think you all did so well! I heard about your concert when you guest starred at W4 country. So keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Coleman
Presents wonderful opportunities for both performers and audiences. Thanks!
Mason Nuttle
Dexter, Michigan
You guys are great! My sister plays fiddle and I play banjo, acoustic and electric guitar and trombone. I'm going to see you guys this year!
Patricia Gilbert
What a talented group of musicians! This is the second time I have seen you at Pfizer, and you just get better and better. I enjoyed your performance - Thank you.
Randy Gutierrez
St. Clair Shores
Bravo! I am an employee at Pfizer and this the second year that I have seen the Fiddlers play at our site. First class musicianship all around.

Ellen Rindlisbacher
Harrow, Ontario
Loved the performance at Pfizer on Jan 23rd! Very talented group of people!
lee and bonnie bannon
Ypsilanti, Michigan
We just enjoyed the concert at the Ark with the RFD Boys - What a show!!!! You Fiddlers are awsome.
vicky katona
new boston, mi
we were at the cadillac first night on new years eve, saw your performance and was very impressed. am looking forward to seeing you again possibly this summer at one of your other performances. keep up the good work!!
Mike and Sue Fulton
Westland, MI
We saw your show at Cadillac's First Night and loved it! It was the highlight of our New Years.
Tim & Joy Martin
Manton, MI
We saw your second performance at the Cadillac "First Night" event and enjoyed it immensely. Our daughters were string musicians and played in very accomplished youth symphonies. However, fiddling as done by your group looks like much more fun. We look forward to our next opportunity to attend a performance.