Welcome to the archived website of the Saline Fiddlers containing data through 2014. After that, the Saline Fiddlers and Fiddlers Restrung groups merged to form the Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic. For the current website, please click here.

About the Fiddlers' Management

In 2004 responsibility for the Saline Fiddlers passed to a nonprofit corporation. What does this mean to our supporters and fans?

I heard the Saline Fiddlers have left the school system and "gone private." What does that mean?
By 2004 the Fiddlers had grown beyond what could reasonably be operated as an extracurricular program of the schools. With the support of the school system, Fiddler parents at that time created a private, nonprofit corporation for the sole purpose of perpetuating the group for future generations of Saline High School students. The schools entrusted the Fiddler legacy to that organization.
Do you still have the same organization and student performers?
Very little else about the Saline Fiddlers has changed. It remains devoted to extending the education of Saline high school music students. We do now have a formal mission statement:

"The Saline Fiddlers contributes to the preservation of American culture through the mastery and performance of fiddle music; spreads and reawakens an appreciation of this music; serves as a model of alternative music education; and furthers the social development and musical education of high school students."
How is the group managed?
The organization is overseen by a board of directors whose member are drawn from the Saline community. The board appoints an executive director to handle the day-to-day, and the executive director fashions a management team. This arrangement provides us with streamlined and efficient operations.
Will you still perform shows at the high school?
The group rehearses at the middle school and performs periodically in the high school auditorium.
How will the show change?
Artistic Director Ben Culver continues to lead the Fiddlers. His creative vision guides the group. Mr. Culver continually challenges the students to grow musically, and, over time, that growth results in a higher quality, more polished and sophisticated show.
Do you really have drums in the band?
Yes, and they are awesome. Nobody can any longer imagine a production without them. The drums join the bass as the "studs" in the Saline Fiddlers "wall of sound."
Do you still go on trips and tours?
Many of the kids' lifelong memories come from touring. This will continue to be the ultimate reward for all their hard work. Besides, it brings fiddle music to people far and wide, many of whom are thrilled to see the revitalization of these traditions in the next generation.
How can the community show their support of the Fiddlers?
Come to our shows, spread the word, give us your thoughts through our online guest book. Donations provide a large part of our income. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation, so donations are tax-deductible, and we may be named as the recipient of donations to the United Way.
Are there other fiddling programs in Saline?
Yes. As it has for over a decade, Saline Community Education offers 6th grade and middle school fiddle clubs where students are introduced to fiddling. At the high school level, since 2004, they have offered Fiddlers ReStrung, an accomplished ensemble of young fiddlers.
How are the two high school fiddling programs different?
The details of the two programs are spelled out in this comparison of Saline Fiddlers and Fiddlers ReStrung, written by Ben Culver, Artistic Director of the Saline Fiddlers and Scot Graden, Director of Saline Community Education.