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Guestbook Entries - 2004

Robyn Megonigal
Arlington, Va.
We just enjoyed a wonderful concert here at my school, Abingdon Elementary in Arlington. These performers brought tears to my eyes, I was so impressed . Y'all keep up the good work !! I hope that this was inspirational to our students and will encourage them to excel and do what it takes to be the best person they can be in whatever they do.
Your fiddlers are a great role model to all youth and I am glad you came to our school. Hope you can come again. Please let me know when you will be here in the nations capital again. gotta go now, my class just came in and showed me your autographs you made on their hands.
byeeeeeee Mrs. Waldners class and me the art teacher.
byeeeeeeee Robyn
Fam. Debrabander
Veldhoven, The Netherlands
We just want to say hi! We are Dutch friends from Scott K. and loved to see your site. We have listened to some songs and it sounded great!! We wish you good luck and Happy Holidays!
The Brabander family
The Netherlands
Krisanne Rea
Hamburg, MI
What a totally awesome performance tonight at Old St. Pats. I was blown away by your professionalism and talent. I wish each young artist a blessed 05. You spread joy with your music and enthusiam. Wonderful and innovative arrangements! THANK YOU!
Lexington, KY
Thanks again for the great workshops and concert. It was wonderful to see the Fiddlers perform with such enthusiasm and musicianship. The workshops were the best example of "teaching in the making" I've seen in quite a while. It was beautiful to watch the Fiddlers take individuals from the group session for a "break out" session and work one-on-one. Ben, you and your crew are not only wonderful musicians, but great people to meet and know!
Lexington, KY
We enjoyed having the Fiddlers in Lexington last weekend. All three workshops were big hits. Ben Culver really knows how to keep things moving. The students did a great job, as well. We've already had requests to bring you guys in every year. So glad you made it to Kentucky.
Kristen Tabor
Lexington, KY
Hello! I am a String Project teacher at the University of Kentucky. I just HAD to write you guys to tell you how awesome you are.

I got to usher your show on Friday night, and it was AMAZING. You guys are a treat to listen to AND watch! I was amazed at the precision that you perform at, and the fact that you have all those tunes memorized so well. The visuals were a nice touch. You put on a lively, fun, brilliant concert, and you should be proud. (I'm a bass player myself, so I was happy to see the bass guitar get some attention. Hooray!)

I also enjoyed the workshop you did for us the next morning. It moved quickly and kept the kid's interest. I'm hoping I can poke my kids into writing thank you letters ... the next time I see them is their concert, though, so we'll just have to see about that.

I was impressed with the fiddlers I spoke too, as well. Each one I had the pleasure of conversing with was polite, well spoken, and very upbeat. I just wish our string project kids had time to talk to them too.

You're doing an awesome job, keep it up! I hope you can come back sometime soon!
Somerset ky.
wow..i saw you guys friday in lexington and you all were soo awesome. yes! and i just wanted to say to the bass (the one with black hair, kinda long..) he looks like jack white..from the white stripes! so..tell him lindsay from somerset says hello and he should email me! <33
MacMillan Family
Winchester, KY
You folks are fantastic!! We really enjoyed the concert and the workshop. Your student members have such genuine, humble attitudes. They are great role models for kids across the USA!
Next time you come to Kentucky, we'd love to host a group of students.
Laura Doll
You all ROCK OUT LOUD! I am soooooooooooo glad I used my time to come to your concert. I am so amazed. You all have GREAT TALENT! :) I see millions of dollars in your hands in the future. KEEP ROCKIN'! ;) P.S. I am only 8 years old. Thanks again! :)
Lexington, Ky
Hey, I had an awesome time with you all. Scott and Pat, you both rock. I wish I got to get to know all of you better. Your show was one of the best I've ever seen. I really hope to see you back here in Kentucky soon. Enjoy the Ale-8!
Sam Humphries
Lexington, KY
WOW seems mild when trying to express feeling for your concert in Lexington and your workshops. We have three grandchildren who attended both on Friday and Saturday.
What a refreshing group and performance that did not get a single line in our newspaper. Bet they did not miss a ballgame and your two hours were far more entertaining than a bouncing ball.
Sure hope your performance inspires more to follow your lead.
Great, fantatic, WOW, just does not do justice to what you all do.

Thanks from our family to yours. Jonathan, Hope, Casey, Pops and Nannie.
Ricky McWain
You guys are awesome, that was one of the best experiences yet with band.. I just wish you guys would book a closer show to kentucky. But you guys were fantastic keep up the good work.
Lexington, KY
I just saw you all in concert and all i can say is WOW!! You all did such a great job I also attended the workshop for the high school students which was very interesting. I hope to see you all in concert again. Oh and i bought one of the CD's and plan to order the rest but i love it!!!
Gordon Fair
Lexington, KY
I'm really glad my youngest son decided to play the violin...otherwise, I would have never had the opportunity to attend such a fantastic performance by such a talented group of young musicians from Saline, Michigan. Thanks for sharing your time and creating great role-model images for our youth.
Cathy Doll
Lexington, KY
Thanks for providing 2 hours of pure fun and entertainment for my family. :) You guys *ROCK* and your smiles not only light up the stage, they light up the entire BUILDING!
What talent! I see many awards in your future!
And big bucks too. ;)
Roger Garrison
Nicholasville, KY
I hope to get to your performance in Lexington Kentucky this coming weekend!
I miss you all! I heard you had some amazing hometown shows. I can't wait to see the february show, and maybe tag along to a show in december!

Lots of Love,
Brendan T.
Saline (you know it)
I LOVED YOUR HOEMTOWN CONCERT!!!!! Stairway to heaven in a fiddle song. Genius! ha ha
awesome. i loved it
hometown is always sweet.
much better than last year
i love you guys~
Joe George
Saline (of course!)
Hey guys!

It was a blast partying with you guys last weekend, and I wish I could make it down again for Hometown show. You guys are going to rock, and I wish I could be there.

Don't stop being awesome!
David Hansen
Roscommon, MI
Dear Saline Fiddlers,

I brought a group of school students from Roscommon to the Bush Rally on October 28th, and you all did a TREMENDOUS JOB at the rally! Your music was inspirational, exciting, and it sure added to the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd that gathered. Our students made many comments on how well you all did, and I thought I'd write to say THANK YOU.

I spoke to the other music group that appeared at the rally, and the steel guitarist and drummer made similar comments such as "great job" and "we loved it." All the comments were great, and we appreciated your input and addition through the spirited and fun music!

Thanks again,

David Hansen
Troy and Deborah Foutch
Birch Run
Just a quick note to say how impressed we were with your performance for President Bush on the 28th. All we can say is WOW!!
We are going to keep you in mind when we need a musical group for any functions we have. Thank you for your time,

The Foutch Family
John Konkle
I loved you guys at the victory 2004 in the Dow Event Center in Saginaw. You guys are awesome and i wish i could be a part of the Saline Fiddlers. I don't know how to play any string instruments though.
Maria Wyatt
Seminole, Fl
You all are awesome!
Robin Franklin
Bothell, WA
We moved away from Ann Arbor when my son was 5. He is turning 9 next week and still considers you his favorite band. Last week I told him we got tickets to see Riverdance. He unenthusiastically replied, "OK, but they're just not as good as Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic!"
brendan t
the fiddlers are the best, mr. c rocks!!!!!!! i cant wait for your next concert......its soon ha ha
i <3 fiddlers
Hi, I'm from the Bow Valley Fiddlers and I saw you guys when you came to Calgary a few years ago. My family got your CD and we love it! You play lots of Calgary Fiddlers songs, too! My favourite is Kid on the Mountain. It's hard! But you do it well! Keep playing fiddle music and come back soon.
Bryan Stidham
The Mike Adams Band
Hello to All!
I was great to see you all at the Cattle Barons Ball! We were there also but under the name Rockwood - due because we worked there last year under that name.
You all put on a great show! Keep up the great work!
All the Best!!!
Kevin Carnahan
saline, mi
I think you are great!
Stefan Klages
hey guys, i just love all of you guys & you guys are pimped out!

Stefan Klages
David & Edith Anderso
Saline, MI
I (David) graduated from SHS in 1950. We did not have a fiddling organization then. The graduatiing class was just a little larger than the Saline Fiddlers organization. The whole school (K-12) was located in the present Adm. Bldg. Edith and I have heard the fiddlers play many times over the past several years and enjoyed every minute. You are terrific and get better every time we attend a concert. Keep up the good work. We Luv yaall!!
Marcia Johnson
Milford, MI
Saw you at Milford High School this past year. Wonderful Show!! Sure hope you come back to our town soon.
Carol & Jim Anderson
Canton, MI
We attended your performance on August 26, 2004 at Heritage Park in Canton MI. It was one of the most enjoyable musical performances that we have attended. You are truly talented. Keep up the good work.
HEY all, miss you a lot...keep rocking without me... somebody get in there on washboard :) see you at hometown show!!
Linda Koivisto
I am listening to the new CD, "The Sky's the Limit", and I am once again reduced to tears: the first time is while I listen to "Lexie's Dance"; it is such a beautiful number, and the sentiment behind it is beautiful, too; and the second time is hearing the lovely voice of my niece, Sally, sing "Someday Soon."
Thank you, Fiddlers, for many great performances. It has been a pleasure and an honor listening to you over the years.
best wishes from
Linda Koivisto
Mary Williams
Ypsilanti, Mi.
I saw your concert in Canton, Mi. last night, and it was wonderful. Keep up the good work, and keep your goals high. Your group is a credit to this generation.
Cheryl Caldwell
Canton, MI
Thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night at the Canton Heritage Park...what a remarkable performance.
I now have your CD and fiddled all the way to work this morning...it is GREAT! Thank you!
Mick Bonanni (age 22 months)
Livonia, MI
I can't get enough of your new CD! It just makes me get up and dance every time. You guys are the best!
Saw you at the Park in Canton. You were great, really enjoyed the music. Thanks for all your hard work. May God Bless.
William F. David
To the Saline Fiddlers:
I had the chance to listen to your concert at Howell on the 15 of August. WOW! Your energy was highest I have heard in a long time.
Keep up the great job making music and bringing joy to the hearts of your audiences.
Mary Huey
Enjoyed your performance very much this past Saturday evening at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. BRAVO!!
Doreen Reed
Saline, MI
Your Howell concert Friday was Great! I was very impressed with how well you played. I grew up in Saline and as a '79 grad of Saline High School I am very proud to have you represent my hometown. Best of luck to you all!
The Loman Family

We had a wonderful time last night in Howell. You guys put on a top notch show! It's refreshing to see young adults involved in music! We look forward to seeing you and supporting you in the future.

The Loman's

(The little six year old boy in the gray GM Hummer shirt and black jeans dancing his heart out to EVERY song was ours. I'm sure last night will be a night he remembers for a very long time.)
Verna Heavner
Milford, MI
We just saw you for the first time tonight (Aug 13) at Howell, MI. You guys are AWESOME! First of all, you are in the top 3 groups I have ever seen in my life -- and that puts you right up there with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra! It is so great to see such talented young people willing to share with others.
THANK YOU for a wonderful and FUN concert!
Mollie & Melissa Hall
Pinckney, MI
We went with our mom and two of our aunts to your Howell concert. We all loved it! We're band students, and it was neat to hear students playing that well. We hope that you'll keep up the good work and return to Howell next year! Your group is very talented and fun to listen to!
Candy Gray
Monroe, MI
I attended the concert in Monroe last night--what energy! What talent!! Such a mature bunch of performers--you are so awesome! Thank you!
Marty Townsend
Monroe, Mi.
We saw your show last night in Monroe, Mi. and we loved it. Keep up the good work, and hope to see you again sometime.....Marty & Pat Townsend
Diane Knight
Trafalgar, Indiana
I received your latest CD from my parents who were at the Winnebago RV Rally in Iowa and saw the group perform. I am impressed. I am a newer fiddle student myself and love to hear others play. It inspires me to continue with my lessons. I would love to be able to get the sheet music for Lexi's Dance. Is it in print and for sale?

Millie and Bob McCormick
Chicago, Illinois
Say you at the Winnebago Rally in Iowa---loved the group--great performance. High energy and very talented. The washboard player added interest and enthusiasm!!
Ellie & Bill Brockman
We just watched your performance at the Winnebago Rally in Forest City, IA, and had to let you know how much we appreciated your talents and enthusiastic representation of the power of the arts for today's youth. We are fulltime RVers and former teachers with a daughter who's a classical musician, and we commend all of you and everyone associated with your organization for your commitment to such a unique form of music and dance. Thanks for entertaining us!
Andrew Konradi
Zionsville, IN
Traveling to LaPorte on the 21st of July.
wayne and jeanette wallace
oshkosh, wi
we are sitting in our Winnebago motorhome after just hearing your concert at the Winnebago Rally in Forest City, Ia

we enjoyed your concert
Mary Ann Valade
Farmington Hills, MI
Thank you for the terrific concert tonight at the Founder's Festival. The rain couldn't dampen anyone's spirits. We purchased the newest album to add to our collection.
I have one CD in the car, often fiddle my way down the freeway to work. Another one is in the kitchen cd player, where I clog along as I prepare dinner many nights.
Keep up the good work. May the angels be with you on all your travels.
An Heinicke
Westland, MI
We heard your group this evening in Farmington at the Founder's Festival. WOW!!!! What a wonderful group of young musicians. Keep up the great work. You are a delight to watch and hear. Your cassette is great.
Dan & Sandy Kneller
Farmington Hills, MI
Dear Fiddlers,
We really enjoyed your performance at the Founders Festival. Be sure to come back next year! It is great to see young people so talented and enjoying their talents. It reminds me of a kinder, gentler time.
Robyn Pearson
Farmington Hills, MI
I loved you guys when you played at the Farmington Founders Festival!!! It was awesome!!! I play violin myself. I also plan on seeing you again on July 22 in Livonia, MI.
Beth Crane
Montgomery, VT
Grace Church Sheldon
Thanks so much for your superb performance July 8 at Grace Church, Sheldon! We loved having you and as you saw, so did the standing-room only crowd, many of whom had never attended one of our concerts before. I hope you'll return to Vermont. Enjoy your busy summer.
Susan McKinstry
Enosburg Falls VT
You filled Grace Church with such joy and enthusiasm. Your music will resound there for some time. I do hope I am honored to hear you play again. And maybe, next time, we can arrange for some sunshine so you can see our beautiful mountains!!!

Susan McKinstry
Carl & Barbara Whitehouse
Swanton, VT
The July 8 concert in Sheldon, VT was truly wonderful. We appreciated the young adults' talent and dedication to their art, their energy and their obvious joy in performing.
Keep up the great work!
Marjorie Goodson
Whitefield, NH
I had the priviledge to sit on the back lawn of the Mt Washington Hotel and enjoy your performance. I was so taken with your talents! The afternoon continues to flow through my mind and heart as I listen to your CD.

I also appreciated many of your classical training! I am in the process of adding this to my playing so I was so encouraged. I have also been to Jeremy Kittel's workshops and will attend another in September.

My best wishes to each of you and I commend you for a job well done! Keep on going!!!!

Caitlin Riviere
Lancaster, NH
The concert at Mt. Wash was great, it was a fun and pumped up show.
Merri Para
Kingsley, Michigan
Dear Fiddlers:
I truly enjoyed your wonderful performance at the Maple City, Maple Leaf Restaurant the other night. What a wonderful toe tapping experience. I bought one of your tapes that night and I listen to it every morning at 5:30 a.m. while I walk on the treadmill. The time just flies by. Have you ever seen anyone "dance" on the treadmill?? I do, to your wonderful, upbeat music. By the way, I'm 61 years old, but feel 16 again, when I listen to your tape. I just have to get another one, or maybe two! Thanks again.
lexie skinner
Sparta, NJ
I loved your concert. You guys are really good. It was fun having Mary, Kim, and, Sara at our house. I hope you guys come to visit us again!
Anni Smith
Sparta, NJ
I really enjoyed your performance at our school. You guys are so good! It was awsome having the chance to play onstage with you. Good luck wherever life takes you-- Anni Smith :)
RJ Bauchat III
Saline, Michigan!!!
Dear Fiddlers!

Greetings from an SHS alumnus living in Shanghai China! As one of the original fiddlers, I'm both impressed and excited to see what began as a tight group of friends from the high school orchestras formed on the vision of Mr. Phillips and playing random gigs for good causes, has become such a well-organized, huge hit playing in some big-time places! My kudos go out to Bob Phillips, Ben and of course each year's new and returning members for growing and continuing this wonderful group, both learning and having a BLAST with traditional folk and country music! You guys will carry this experience in your hearts for years to come and will cherish these memories. A big congratulations, I am loving what I'm seeing the Fiddlers become and I expect bigger and bigger things in years to come! Keep up the fantastic work!!

Lynda L. Page
East Jordan, Michigan
Hello Saline Fiddlers.....I just enjoyed your concert at the East Jordan Civic Center today June 27, 2004. It was amazing. You all should be very proud of yourselves. Your talent and energy definitely show in your performance. I would like to wish you the best of luck in your future performances as well as in your future, whether it be in music or whatever you choose to do.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your enjoyment of music with us at our Freedom Festival. I do hope that you will be able to come back next year and perform for our town - hopefully on Saturday when we have music in the park.


Lynda L. Page
Don Rose
Macomb, MI
Thanks for performing at the U of M Hospital today! My son and I became instant fans. We have been going to U of M for over 5 years to treat his leukemia. Today was a day we will remember for a long time because of your great music. We will watch your schedule and do our best to attend another event. I am listening to the CD we bought as I write, and my son wants it when I am done!
Angela Hurlbut
Saline, Michigan
Wanted to thank all of you for performing at the UM hospital today. It was a lot of fun to be able to eat my lunch and enjoy your music. Keep up the good work everybody!
Jim Opferman
Port Huron, Michigan
Dear wonderful folks:
Just a word of deep appreciation for your beautiful performance at Port Huron last night! Your production was so very uplifting and full of joy - your faces were not put on/you really were enjoying yourselves, each other and our Port Huron folk. You are one classy group. I needed to say thank you for the wonderful surprise you provided. Our summer series is called "Art in the Park" - what a great way to start the series. I'll remember you for a long time.
Sincerely, Jim Opferman
Barryton, Michigan
You are so awesome!! I had the chance to play with you in Alma and it was sweet!! I play viola and I hope to get as good as you guys some day. You were so good that me, my mom, and aunt are going to your show at the Detroit Festival of Arts. See you there!!
Bernard Tiffany
Ann Arbor, Michigan
I enjoyed very much your concert on May 15 at St. Thomas School.
Richard J. Zavodsky, Ph.D.
New Boston
You folks are great! Keep up the great energy.
Nancy Pennington
Livonia, MI
I was overwhelmed at the enthusiasm and talent expressed at Milford High School on May 7, 2004! The group sang, danced and performed with such poise and professionalism! Thank you for a most wonderful evening! We are enjoying the CD we purchased, as well as the conversation with members of the group after the performance! As a past high school/college business teacher, I can appreciate the efforts of all of you!
Terry Whitley
Saturday night my husband and I had the privilege of attending your concert in Ada. Since I am a 1970 graduate of Saline High School I was more than just a little interested to see how well you performed. I have to say, I was not disappointed. You were outstanding! Your energy, ability and love for the music were very evident and made your performance very enjoyable to watch. It is wonderful to see my high school so wonderfully represented.
We also brought along my boss and his wife to the concert. He was a professional musician for a time and still plays Mandolin in a Blue Grass band on weekends. He was very impressed and that is a very high compliment. I hope to get to see you again. Thanks for a most enjoyable evening.
Mike Lennon
Ada, MI
Attended your concert at Forest Hills Fine Arts. WOW! Great show and great showmanship. Very polished and professional. Far better than I ever imagined a high school group could do. One comment - try talking slower when adressing the audience. The reverb on the mics makes it hard to understand if you talk at a normal pace. You can keep playing fast however! Fantastic.
The Hellers
Kalamazoo, MI
Congratulations on the amazing concert on Sat 8th May in Ada, MI. It was well worth the trip - your magnificent fiddling, lightness of heart and obvious enjoyment of just playing was something to behold. Good luck in the future - individually you young people are incredible and I hope that the Fiddlers Philharmonic continue to give pleasure for many years to come.

Thanks for a great concert! Hope to see you again in La Porte IN on 21 July - worth the trip down.
~ The Hellers ~
Christine Cheesman
Hi There,
Last night a friend (82 yrs old) and I (62 yrs old) saw your concert and throughly enjoyed it. The wonderful smiles, enthusiasm, and talent are just astounding. I certainly hope to see you perform again and hope to bring a few grandchildren with me as they could not attend last night. God Bless you all.
Love & Peace, Chris
Bryan Stidham
Troy, MI
Hello to all.
I had the pleasure to work with your group a few years ago in Nirvana, MI. when I worked for the bluegrass band, Blue Velvet.
Keep up the great job and keep Fiddling alive!
Jon Rutila
Saw your show last night in Northport and enjoyed it tremendously. I emailed my brother in Lexington to watch for your July 4th date in Boston.
Nicki Hartley
Traverse City, MI
Hey Fiddlers! Thank you for coming to Traverse to perform and work with us at Central High School. I learned a lot in that small period of time, and had a fun time listening to you as well. You guys (and gals) did great! I hope you all have a safe trip home, and wish you well in your future performances, and with your next CD. Thanks again!

I loved this band I was smiling all the way until the end of the program! I especially liked when people did the solo's!
Sharon Duncan
Ithaca, Michigan
My daughter had the opportunity to be a part of a workshop in Alma and it has brought her a whole new dimension in cello music. The performance put on by the Fiddlers was incredible and it was an honor to see so many young talented musicians who obviously love what they are doing. Thank you.
Connor Y.
Ludington, MI.
Hi, my name is Connor and i saw your performance last night at Alma college. I just started violin lessons this year. I am 10 years old. I hope some day I can play as well as all of you do.

Michelle Brown
First time had the experience to see your program at the Saline Celtic Festival. I was again lucky to experience the enjoyment of your performance in Alma. I will enjoy your music as the CD will remind me of the gifted young people and their instructor. Your parents must be very proud. Keep up the good work.
Douglas Jackson, MD
Had the opportunity to see the group in Alma last night. It was one of the most entertaining exhibitions of high energy and tremendous talent that I have had the pleasure of observing in my 40 years of attending concerts. An outstanding credit to the parents and the school system that generates this quality of youth in our society.

Doug Jackson
The Losinger Family
Cadillac, Michigan
We look forward to attending performances in our area. We know Marie and her family, and have been fortunate enough to hear her play. She is spectacular and we can't wait to hear the whole group! Thanks Marie! Thanks Fiddlers!

Jen Losinger
Amber Carnahan
Howell, MI
Hi Jordan! My mom found this website about your group. Can't wait to see you when you come to Howell again!!

Your cousin, Amber :-)
branden madary
this is branden i saw your performence again i sat in the 3rd row 1st person
hey, that girl in the picture looks awesome! i'd just like to take a moment to tell all the fiddlers how cool they are!
Dexter, MI
Have "heard" your group perform at the Webster Fall Festival a few times while I was working at one or other of the stands, but your March concert in Ann Arbor for Habitat for Humanity in the Phillipines was the first time I was able to sit and listen to the entire performance. It was terrific! The enjoyment, camaraderie and TALENT of this group of young people is so apparent and such a joy to watch and listen to.
Teresa Bohannon
Tecumseh, Michigan
Recently, our family had the opportunity to watch you at the Civic Auditorium in Tecumseh. You were awesome! My daughter was one of the 4th graders that opened for you. Thank you for being an inspiration to her. I had asked her how she liked your group. Her answer, "Like? Like? I want to join them!!" I bet practice time will come easier. You can add another family to your fan club! We'll be watching (listening) for you!

Teresa Bohannon
Donovan O. Hanson
Jackson, Michigan
I remember this group from when it started. With Bob Phillips as director.
You guys are really good! Keep putting on fantastic shows. Go Mr. Culver...and sally w...and dave r...and mike n...and michelle b....and brandon s...and all you other people that i love
Saline :)
I love you guys. I'm so glad to be part of such an amazing group and get to know such awesome people like y'all.. <3
Fiddlers kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so cool and i want to be 1!
branden madary
I liked your performance at burger school this is one of the students i saw your cd for sale i saw your performance last year at my school come back soon
Stu Dornan
Calgary, Canada
U guys show how fiddlin is meant to be done day in and day out. I play with the fiddlers in Calgary definitely gotta hook somethin up again, tons of fun
Keep up the awesome work! I love you guys!
I was told by numerous members of the audience both nights of the hometown show that they have never seen you all play better. There was a gentlemen who made a point to tell me he had simply stumbled on a small ad in the Free Press and came for the first time on a whim and was "in awe" of your talent, energy, and enthusiasm. I am too. You are simply the best of the best and I am happy and proud to know you. Keep up the great work!!!!!! Can't wait for the new CD.
Maureen Carter
Monroe, MI
I went to your home town concert in Saline on Feb 7. I wanted to see you in person because I had only seen photos and heard your CD. Just based on the CD I decided to arrange to book the Fiddlers to play for our Monroe Summer Concert in the Park Series. Well......I have to tell you that as soon as you all started playing I was so moved and impressed that I actually started crying....I am so pround of you and I am not even your mother! I know your families, friends and your community are very proud of you and they really should be. I think someone should convince the Michigan Legislature to recognize the Saline Fiddlers as one of Michigan's treasured natural resources!
Keep going you guys! Even though you're smaller now, don't let that stop you from playing your best.
Warren VanHout
The new web page looks great! I've enjoyed exploring it.

Christina Rus
Saline Fiddlers rock!
You guys are awesome, I love coming to your concerts ever since one of my friends took me to one of your shows. I hope everything goes well for you all, keep playing.
Maureen Carter
Monroe, MI
The City of Monroe is very excited about hosting a performance of the Saline Fiddlers on August 12, 2004 at St. Mary's Park in Downtown Monroe. I know it is going to be a very memorable and fun evening. Anyone needing directions to our event can call 734-243-0700 ext. 2156 or do a map/directions search on the internet for 111 W. Elm Avenue, Monroe, MI 48161 which is the address of St. Mary's Park in Downtown Monroe. The park is located behind the Custer Statue at the corner of W. Elm and Monroe - you can't miss it. See you all there.
let me know if you ever have any free printable music for the violin!!! I really like the song from Alfred that is titled: Bach Country Fiddles. and I can play it with my friend in orchestra at school and I really wish that I could own it so e-mail me back after you read this!!! and let me know if you have it for free!!!