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Guestbook Entries - 2002

Patrick Hoban
Saline, MI
I have heard so many great things about the Fiddlers and have been lucky enough to know one of them - Sally W. She is a talented, kind and dedicated person and she always speaks so highly of the group. I can't wait to see your next concert!
Curt Childress
Nortonville, KS
My wife Kathy and I attended your annual hometown concert in Saline on Nov 1st. We met many of you and spent a day with Mr. Phillips. Mr. Phillips, Mr. Culver, and Ms. Hansen are awsome orchestra teachers. We had tons of fun in Saline. I have started a fiddle program at our middle school in Effingham, KS and we have 30 fiddlers in our group. My hope is that someday, we can build a music program as wonderful as yours.
las cruces nm
I came to your site through the link on the Mark O'Connor website. I'm over here at Operation Enduring Freedom. I used to play violin. I even went to college on a violin scholarship, but I quit later on. I don't really play much at all any more, guess I traded violin playing for an M 16 A2. It's good to see young people taking an interest in music though. A piece of advice, don't ever stop playing. Keep it up.
BRECON, Wales, U.K.
Hello Fiddlers!!!!!!
I was at Brecon High when the Fiddlers visited in 1996 and 1999, and returned to visit you guys in 1999. Thoroughly enjoyed the exchange and made some great friends!!
Keep up the Fiddling :)
Love to all Mary Bussell xx
Aubrey Martinus
Ann Arbor
I love the Saline Fiddlers! I am in the 6th grade and I play in the fiddle club. I love Y'all and you're great!
Paul Siano
Great music and a reaffirmation of what is right with today's youth
Lavina McKay
Hersey, MI 49639
Proud Grandparents sent this site to me to find their pride and joy. Sounds like you all did a great job.
Donald Rynearson
Paris, Mi
What fantastic talent! Great concert.
kris reid
Judy Foulk
Wayne, MI
We saw you for the first time last night at Saline. You were GREAT!! Keep up the good work. My husband said after that he felt like he was at Disney World .... everyone in the group was smiling :) It lifts the hearts of those of us who are older to see your youthful enthusiasm.
john roller
muskogee, ok.you
You are a great bunch of players, keep it up
Cindi Perron
Madison, FL
Elaine Cable
Bath MI
Heard you at the State Capitol today. The music was wonderful, you did a great job. Thanks for coming.
Diana Whittle
Wow!!! What a great conference (and concert) at Oakland! I'm really excited about the opportunities for my students that you presented. Thanks for the inspiration.
The Moehrings
Gaylord, MI
Can hardly wait to hear you play again! Loved your concerts here in Gaylord and in Cheboygan. Come back up north SOON!
George Moran
Long Valley, NJ
Great Job at the Alternate Strings program. Bob and Pam, you are an inspiration to all string teachers. Thanks so much.

William T'Kindt
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Saw your performance at Cain Park on 7/18/2002 and thoroughly enjoyed the evening! My daughter plays the violin and is just now getting into "fiddle" music....which I love. The entire group was sensational and here's hoping you all return next summer. Wish we had a similar ensemble here in the Cleveland area. Good luck and have a great summer.
barbara shoda
eastlake, ohio
I saw your performance last night at Cain Park in Cleveland Hts Ohio. It was great. I bought the Down at the Old Mill Pond cassette and have enjoyed listening to more great tunes. The whole idea of the fiddlers group is fantastic. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.
Carol Johnson
My quilting instructor, Wilma Trachett, turned me on to the Fiddlers. My husband and I saw you all at the Ark with the RFD boys and last summer at Saline H.S. with the CowTown trio. Last month I took my 13 year old grandson and his brother to hear the music in Westland. The shows are great fun and we tell everyone we know about them. Looking forward to your concert in Saline August 22.

Carol and Bill Johnson
Terry Hallock
Love to hear your music. I saw you last year at Bob Elys Kountry Kampground and fell in love. Hope to see you again this summer someplace and soon. Telling my friends about you. Keep up the good work.
Thomas Joiner
Greenville, SC
Homepage: Thomas Joiner
I teach fiddle and conduct the orchestra at Furman University in Greenville, SC. When are you folks going to tour down south? I would love to host you here on "the country's most beautiful campus."

Dr. "J"

Marjorie Jones-Brawley
Livonia, MI
We are the grandparents of Kelly J, "a retiree!" of the fiddlers, and have so enjoyed the wonderful music throughout the many years. We hope to "hear" you soon. Best wishes to all.
Cheryl Cooley
Centreville, VA
Saw your workshop at the Virginia Music Educators' Conference in November and was thrilled. Now my Concert orchestra is playing some of the fiddle tunes from Fiddlers' Philharmonic, and they LOVE it!

Thanks so much for your wonderful work!


Katie Harris
Just wanted to say hi to the alumni. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently living in Maryland working for a bio-tech company called Virion. I graduated from BYU in December with a BS in Human Biology. I'm hoping to start grad.school next year. Sarah L. is going to be my new roommate here in the fall as she attends school in Arlington VA. We're excited for all our new adventures. Good luck to the group and all their accomplishments!!!!!!
Hey guys I play cello in the 6th grade fiddle club and our concerts tonight...it's going to be wierd not having u there! Great performances by the way but you need some more cello action Ü
Brenda Durling
Livonia, Michigan
I heard through the grapevine that your group was wonderful. I am an event planner for Schoolcraft College and am constantly looking for new and creative sources for entertainment.
Peggy DeVree
Hudsonville, MI
I just saw your performance last weekend with the Hudsonville Middle Schools orchestra (that my son is in) and I was very impressed with your group and their performance! I think it was also very inspiring for my son!
Deloris Glispy
Battle Creek, Mich
My husband loves fiddle music and has plans of trying to buy your cd's. Keep playing and making people happy with your music.
Dee Glispy
David Jaffe
Vero Beach, FL
Heard you in Vero Beach 4/5/02. The show was great fun. I hope you'll make it an annual visit!
Sandy B
Alpena MI
When you were in Alpena I saw your show and absolutely loved it. Then you traveled to Cheboygan so I followed you up there to see another show. How I wish you were coming up this way again this year, I want so much to see you perform again. What can I do to get you here??
Orlando, Fl
You guys were GREAT !! OMG it was so good .... Keep up the good work!
Orlando, FL
Just attended your performance at Cypress Creek HS, Orlando, Florida (April 1, 2002). It was fabulous!! You are all terrific! The middle schoolers I was with had a great time. Thank you so much!!
Stafford Starcher
Steve Connell
Ann Arbor
Wow! I just saw the Fiddler's last night for the first time and was blown away. I came to see the Hot Club of Cowtown and figured the Fiddler's would probably be above average high school entertainment. Boy, was I wrong. I look forward to seeing the Fiddlers again. And again. And again.
Norma Neve
Northport, MI
Janet Farrar-Royce
Cheshire, CT
The String Students' Webpage
I teach strings 5 - 8th grade and I have been including fiddling (learning fiddling tunes by ear only, adding fiddling ornaments and having the kids add chuncks, basslines, etc.and make arrangements of the tunes we want to perform) for the last two years. I just won a national award for my 12-lesson plan unit on introducing Boil 'Em Cabbage Down to 1st year string students.

I am very interested in what you are doing. My friends, Dorothy Straub and John Kuhner came back from the Midwest conference telling me about Bob Phillips and his Philharmonic.

I would really like to come to Saline and see you work in action! And, HOW I would love to have kids like YOU work with MY kids!

Keep up the GREAT work! I think what you are doing is WONDERFUL and I think you have it RIGHT when you say that you are keeping the past alive ... and making it part of the present (and future?!?!?!).

Dick Fidler
I saw your group recently at the ARK.. "great show and GREAT sound......."
Brighton, MI
Saw your group at the B&V Christmas party and thought you were all awesome. Would love to have you play in Brighton sometime. I'll send your flyer to the community ed office!
Tom Angell
Abington, PA
Brandon Miller
Bowling Green , Ohio
Hey, this is a nice site. I've never hear of you guys before, but it would be nice to hear you sometime. Are any of you attending the Mark O'Connor Fiddle Camp in Tennessee this summer? Also have any of you heard of Alex DePue, who was born in Bowling Green Ohio but now lives Nashville TN? He was the Michigan State Fiddle Champion from '94 to '98 . He's the best fiddler alive. You can check him out at thefiddler.org .

Brandon :)

Ann Arbor MI
You guys are doing a great job! I have been taking the violin since 5th grade and i'm now in 8th. I have one of your cd's and 2 of the philharmonic books. I'm hoping that I can be as good as you guys some day. Well keep up the good work!