Photos From Our Fans

February 2009 - Photos from Wendy Johnson

Wendy sent these pictures of her children Kiah, age 8 and Milo, age 5 and their friends Ivy, age 6 and Ezra, age 4, along with the following message:

My children were so, so inspired by the Saline Fiddlers that instead of playing "Starwars", they now play "Saline Fiddlers" and have their friends doing it too! It's super cute! They made their own costumes with stuff from around the house...they used electrical tape for the color on their shirts! Thanks again for such an awesome show!

Kiah, Milo, Ezra and Ivy perform together.

Milo and big sister Kiah demonstrate their fiddling skills.

Kiah and Milo model their Saline Fiddlers-inspired outfits.

Ezra and Milo dance while Kiah and Ivy accompany them on their fiddles.

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